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Furniture for the girl's room (20 photos): examples of successful design


Arranging the room of the daughter will have to work hard - the details are very important here - after all, the girls adore everything beautiful, gentle and bright. Therefore, it will be necessary to tinker with the decoration of the bedroom for a girl in order to get a result that suits everyone. In addition, for the exterior decoration, it is important not to forget to pay attention to the convenience and comfort of the room. The article will look at what points you should pay attention to, making out a room and choosing furniture for a girl - which will be important in this case and which will be secondary.

Consider what is especially important when you make a children's room for a girl.

Children's room for a little princess - be she at least 10 years old, at least 15 years old or 3 years old - should be multifunctional - and this is the main thing. In this space, she will have to learn, play, sleep, take girlfriends and pursue her hobby. Therefore, the bedroom should include several zones that need to somehow be designated. Mandatory zones - working and sleeping. The rest - a game area, a recreation area - can be combined into one.

Consider age. If it is better for a three-year-old baby to decorate the bedroom in soft pastel colors and decorate with soft plush toys, then for a teenager girl at 12 or 15 years old, a completely different bedroom style is needed - more “adult”.

What moments are especially important in the exterior design of the girl's room. Recommendations:

  • Making out the interior of the girl’s bedroom, it is very important to pay attention to small things and various decorative elements. A girl from a year old and older is important colors, shape and pattern of wallpaper, elegant lines and shapes.
  • Most girls prefer a bedroom in a romantic style, with an abundance of textiles, in pink or pale blue. A Provence bedroom is an excellent choice for a little princess and for a teenager at the age of 10 or even at the age of 15.
  • It is necessary to have a mirror in the room of the schoolgirl - the future princess should always be beautiful. The mirror does not need to occupy a separate place on the wall - it can easily be built into the cabinet door.
  • It is advisable to place the berth away from the door - so the sleep will be more calm and sound. A soft bed with an orthopedic mattress will complement the cozy bedroom design.
  • The working area - modular or cabinet - should ideally be located next to the window in order for the girl to have the opportunity to practice in daylight. However, this is often impossible, and then it is especially important to think over good artificial lighting of the working area.
  • Think of a sports corner for a girl. After all, the future beauty is very important to maintain an excellent figure in 10 years and 15 years.
  • Colors should be cheerful and positive. Dark and dull tones do not fit. Do not forget that the color design greatly influences the mood and attitude of the child, so it is important that the girl always be in a good mood and feel great in her own room. Provence style is good because it implies clean and delicate tones that girls like so much - both a very small girl and a schoolgirl are 12 years old.
  • On the wall - even in a classic interior - beautiful pictures, possibly - painted by the girl herself, will look appropriate.
  • It is important to think about what knick-knacks and accessories will be in the children's room - girls pay special attention to these lovely things. But it is important not to litter the room, not to turn it into a warehouse - the design should be thoughtful and beautiful, but at the same time practical and functional.
  • If space and interior allows, it is recommended to hang a chalk board or a metal one for markers on the wall. On such a board, a girl will be able to draw and develop her creative abilities. A blackboard is also useful for schoolgirls.
  • Parquet made of natural wood or smooth and safe laminate flooring is best for flooring. These beautiful, comfortable covers are safe and stylish. Next to the bed and in the play area, a soft and fluffy children’s rug on the floor will not hurt - Provence style implies such rugs in especially "important" bedroom areas.
  • When choosing a set of furniture and decor for the bedroom, consider the nature of your child. If the girl is calm, diligent and "positive", then, without a doubt, the classic - the traditional and noble atmosphere will suit her. And if you have a little minx growing up - active and restless, then for her the children's room can be decorated with a predominance of bright colors and active shades. A child with a noisy character in such a design will be quite comfortable.




Furniture in the girl's room

Consider how to correctly select the appropriate furniture for the bedroom of a girl from a year to 12 years.

A mandatory set of furniture is a bed, a writing table and chair, a wardrobe. All other pieces of furniture are added whenever possible and at will. If the size of the room allows, it is not bad to place a dressing table in it, equipped with a mirror.

When choosing cabinet furniture for a schoolgirl's room, you need to consider all its advantages and disadvantages. Consider them.


There is an opportunity to make cabinet furniture to order, so that it ideally suited a particular room. Such furniture will look great and is ideal in all respects, will fit into the interior, will be as ergonomic as possible, will save every centimeter of free space.

Cabinet furniture allows you to choose an individual design. The girl can choose at least a room in the form of a Barbie house, or design in the form of a mermaid's shell, Ariel, or simply the style of Provence. Modern design possibilities can bring to life any child’s imagination. The classic version of furniture is also common.


Modules are easily replaced, rearranged, as the child grows, new elements can be added - shelving, shelves, drawers. And if necessary, you can and easily get rid of unnecessary details. The room as it adapts to the needs of a particular child — first the baby, and then the teenager.

Useful recommendations for arranging a room for a girl

If you need to save space, you can choose a bed combined with a wardrobe - in this case there will be much more free space in the room. The bed will be on the second floor.