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Beautiful bath mats (21 photos): original models in the interior


Among all the accessories in the bathroom mat is the most important. By choosing the right mat for all characteristics, you can ensure not only the comfort and beautiful appearance of the bathroom, but also maintain health.

Among the huge variety of materials offered by modern manufacturers, you can choose synthetic or natural mini bathroom mats. Moreover, synthetic are more popular among buyers, because of its moisture resistance, wear resistance, low prices and unpretentious care. A natural, though pleasant to the touch, but in everyday life capricious in the care, and their price is quite high.

To make your choice in favor of a particular material, consider the main types of bathroom mats.

Synthetic materials for bath mats

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mats are a budget option. PVC sheets are on sale in rolls, so you can cut the appropriate size. For drawing drawing photo printing is used. These products do not absorb water well; they glide rather in the wet than in the dry state, but they dry well.
  • Rubber bath mats are also low-cost options. There are combined mats, where the bottom is rubber, and the top is fabric. Because of the properties of rubber, they can be of any color and shape. Translucent and monophonic options can decorate and complement the design of the bathroom. Some species are produced on suckers to securely fix floor mats. Manufacturers also take care of customers and add special fragrances to rubber that block an unpleasant rubber smell.
  • Acrylic mats have a number of advantages: they absorb moisture well, are resistant to light, and are safe to use. Such mats are often made on a rubberized or silicone base so that it is non-slip. It also helps the nap to dry better due to air circulation.

    Acrylic mats are soft, pleasant to the touch, have a good thick pile, which during operation does not roll, and its color is not subject to molting and fading.

    Today, manufacturers offer a wide selection of colors of acrylic mats and original forms. Therefore, you can choose a large or small, oval or round, red or even lilac rug.

  • Polypropylene mats are not as popular as acrylic. They do not have such a diverse color range, since they are difficult to paint in any color. The pile is rather short and it is easy to perform interesting textured drawings of any complexity on it, which is quite practical and beautiful in the bathroom.
  • Microfiber mats have the ability to quickly absorb moisture and dry quickly, do not shed, do not roll down and do not dim when exposed to sunlight. Due to the special structure of the substrate, they have an anti-slip effect on the floor surface. The microfiber pile is soft and short, consists of several hundred thousand fibers of dissected polyester, has an antibacterial effect. Among the disadvantages of low heat resistance and the high cost of such mats.




Natural materials for bath mats

  • Bamboo rugs are considered the most eco-friendly and natural. They are made from natural wood without chemical treatment.

    Static electricity does not accumulate in bamboo mats, and they also have good anti-bacterial properties. Such a rug has the property to absorb moisture for a long time, but evaporates it quickly enough, is able to slide in a dry and wet state, which is very traumatic and not reliable.

  • Cotton rugs are hypoallergenic, soft and pleasant to the touch. There are different lengths of pile. A long pile looks like a fur layer in which the foot is buried, and a short pile makes the mat weightless and light, you can often find terry products. Due to the natural material cotton mats are most often white, gray and beige.

    The positive properties and qualities of cotton mats are their ability to absorb moisture well and not leave traces of it, and the negative aspects can be considered that, when dry and wet, they slide over the floor surface and dry out poorly, which leads to a high probability of microbial development. Also, a cotton rug has low wear resistance, since woven or knitted rugs are made from natural plants, over time, cotton products can deform, fade, and pellets can form on the surface.

  • There are more refined natural materials. For example, moss rugs. Such products are made from natural moss, which is very soft, pleasant, hygroscopic and does not accumulate unpleasant odors. But such options are more demanding in the care.

Also mini bath mats can be made by hand. With the help of sea or river pebbles or wine corks you get an excellent massage mat, using old T-shirts or plastic bags, you get wonderful knitted rugs.




To avoid slipping, bath mats are equipped with a latex, silicone or rubber base or latex coating. Mini mat in the bathroom with latex-coated should not choose if the bathroom is equipped with a "warm floor". Under the influence of temperature, the dense latex base will heat up and give off an unpleasant rubber smell.

Also, mats can be fitted with suction cups all over the bottom surface. Sticking to the floor, they do not allow it to move.



Bath mat care

First of all, any mat should, if possible, after each use, be twisted well and then dried in the sun. Under the influence of sunlight, most germs will die.

Periodically rugs should be washed. It is advisable to do this every two weeks in a thick foam formed from laundry soap. To do this, the laundry soap is rubbed on a grater, poured with warm water and whipped into the foam. The mat is soaked in this solution with foam for several hours. Under the influence of an alkaline environment, all the pathogens will die.

Selecting a suitable material for a bath mat is half the battle, you still need to choose such a design so that it looks harmonious in the overall interior of the bathroom.

The choice of color mat is usually dictated by the functions that people invest in it. In order not to stand out strongly against the general background, it is better to choose a rug in one color range with a facing tile of the room. Thus, the rug looks harmoniously, fitting into the overall style of the room.