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Forged lamps in the interior (21 photos): modern and old models

Forged chandeliers, lamps, furniture and home decor items gained popularity in the Middle Ages, and do not lose their relevance to this day. Due to the evolution of technology and styles, elements of forging in a modern interior can harmoniously fit into any room, fill it with comfort and unique originality. Forged chandeliers are suitable for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, study and hallway. They will give the room a sophisticated and solid look. Brutal or airy, forged lamps perfectly complement any style, from the harsh Middle Ages to elegant Provence.

In order to completely transform the interior of your apartment or house, it is not necessary to make repairs or change furniture, sometimes it is enough to simply buy suitable forged lamps.

The role of the chandelier in the interior

The first chandeliers appeared in the IV century in Byzantium, where they began to use pendant lights. Masters sought to create original and unusual chandeliers, using stone, wood, mica as decorative elements. They invented intricate forms capable of transforming space in the required way with the help of the play of light. Over time, refined multi-tiered wrought-iron chandeliers appeared, covered with gold or silver, enamel and crystal pendants.

These lamps were differentiated in appearance depending on the purpose of the interior, whether it be a palace hall or a roadside tavern. And in each case, they created a special atmosphere.

Chandelier - light dominant room. It is able to visually increase or decrease the space, focus on any area, serve as a style-forming element of the decor.

Types and design features

Forged chandeliers are different from other fittings made of metal according to the art of forging. The centuries-old experience of blacksmiths using innovative technologies creates masterpieces of lighting art. They differ in size, shape and stylistic directions.

According to the method of mounting chandeliers are divided into two groups: ceiling and pendant. Ceiling chandeliers have a fixed height, are attached to the ceiling using a mounting plate, suitable for apartments with low ceilings. Suspended so-called because they are hung on a chain or bar to the base, which is attached to the ceiling with a metal hook, their height can be adjusted, which is suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

For the manufacture of fittings use metals:

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Cast iron
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper

According to the method of manufacturing forged chandeliers are also divided into two types: manual or industrial work. This is the main component of the cost of the lamp. Chandelier, forged to order on an individual sketch in a single copy, will be the most expensive, but it is a work of art that costs money. Making such an exclusive takes from two weeks to a month. Industrial production chandeliers are much cheaper, they do not have to wait so long, but you can see exactly the same when you come to visit. But even the mass model will look differently depending on the interior. There is a compromise option - the author's handmade with a simple, concise design.

The constructions consist of the following elements:

  • Fittings
  • Socles and ammunition
  • Diffusers
  • Base with fasteners
  • Electric wires

Forged chandeliers for the kitchen

Proper lighting is important for the kitchen, as it is the heart of every home. Durability, reliability, durability and ease of maintenance make the choice of wrought chandelier optimal for the kitchen, where even the most careful owners experience natural pollution from cooked food. Here will be relevant models of antique, containing wooden elements, such as a wheel or barrel, they will create a cozy country house, even in a city apartment. They will be combined with tiled tiles and massive ceramic dishes.

In addition to the style when choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider the zoning of space. In a small kitchen, low-mount ceiling chandeliers may be the only lighting fixture, in this case, models with a large number of lamps should be preferred. For a spacious kitchen with high ceilings, you can choose a hanging chandelier, placing it above the dining area, and spotlights or sconces next to the working surface.

Forged lamps for the living room

The design of the living room, which is suitable forged lighting, involves a large stylistic diversity, limited only by the designer's imagination. But here it is worth remembering that the interior should be supplemented with other forged elements. It can be a sconce similar to a chandelier pattern, forged backs of chairs or a leg of a glass table.

When choosing a lamp with an abundance of fancy tie, openwork bends and decor, simple and concise framing is required: a smooth white ceiling and wall coverings without a pronounced pattern.

A classic forged chandelier with a massive round or rectangular frame, located above the table, will create a feeling of privacy and reliability, as in a fortress or castle. Most organically, they look classic, baroque, country, Provence or loft.

Chandelier for the living room with fixtures for bulbs, made in the form of candles will give the room an atmosphere of noble antiquity. Crystal suspensions will additionally refract and reflect light, directing the thoughts of the inhabitants in the era of palaces and balls.

Forged lamps for the bedroom

Bedroom lamps can be the most fancy. Light, thin forging or tiffany style using colored glass will create a Tale of a Thousand and One Nights in your bedroom.

In the modern bedroom, a wrought-iron chandelier with floral motifs, textile inserts, and red or black crystal pendants will be relevant. Colored elements combined with intricate forging lines will create a magical atmosphere.

The principle of lighting the bedroom requires in addition to the top to have a light source near the bed. When you buy or order a chandelier, you need to remember that you will need a wall lamp, a desk lamp or a floor lamp in the kit.

How to choose a forged chandelier

The size of the chandelier depends on the size of the room. For a spacious and bright chandelier, you must choose a large one, if the room is small, then the appropriate chandelier is needed. A large wrought-iron chandelier will accentuate a spacious baroque or modern room with high ceilings. A small room will be well decorated with a lamp decorated with small floral or geometric patterns. Such a product will breathe freshness and charm into the interior of a small room.

Retro chandeliers painted traditionally in dark colors will look most organically in bright interiors, the high power of light bulbs will emphasize the beauty of forging. Lamps resembling the shape of torches or candles will be appropriate in large rooms with high ceilings and in interiors that breathe the spirit of antiquity. For interiors in the style of hi-tech or minimalism fit lamps concise design with a clear geometry of the lines.

Care rules

It is necessary to wash the forged product with a damp sponge, then wax it. It is possible to add shine to metal by folk remedies, for example, citric acid or baking soda.

Moving mechanisms must be treated with special lubricants. Water and abrasive cleaners are dangerous for metal elements, so it is better to refrain from them.