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Sinks made of stone (20 photos): modern materials and forms


The kitchen sink is a necessary part of modern kitchens. It should be as comfortable as possible, fit to fit and fit into the overall interior. The steel and galvanized models were replaced by an artificial stone sink. It fully complies with its functional requirements. Such a sink always looks aesthetically interesting, harmoniously emphasizes the whole attractiveness of the kitchen.

The kitchen sink from an artificial stone became very profitable and attractive option of replacement of a sink from a natural stone. It is no less reliable, but it is several times cheaper. To this type of sinks there are certain requirements, as well as to other kitchen furniture or accessories.

There are a lot of them, but the main ones are the following:

  • Must be made from environmentally friendly raw materials and comply with sanitary standards;
  • Artificial stone must be durable, resistant to mechanical damage and shock;
  • The color of the kitchen sink made of artificial stone should not wear out;
  • Wash should be resistant to high and low temperatures, as well as their differences. People in the process of using include both hot and cold water;
  • There should be no problems in operation, it is easy to be treated with various chemical agents (for washing, for cleaning, for removing blockages). At the same time, there should be no wear of sinks, they should not wear out or crumble.

Artificial stone is a very high quality material for making sinks. Usually, natural minerals such as granite, quartz, marble and synthetic binders take the base. The basis obtained by this method for the manufacture of kitchen sinks is sufficiently elastic and durable to shocks. Therefore, the products produced are of high quality and a number of huge advantages in comparison with a competing product:

  • Artificial stone has a lower cost compared to natural. Therefore, washing out of it is cheaper;
  • High elasticity of the source material allows you to make different models of sinks, which will differ in shape and size. They can be angular, round, oval, square, rectangular;
  • There is a choice of models for the source material;
  • Sinks made of artificial stone are heat-resistant, designed for long-term use, consistent with their functions;
  • Easy to restore. Artificial stone is quickly restored after surface treatment with a special compound;
  • You can select the desired model, shape and color of the wash;
  • The possibility of selection for existing models of mixers of any type and different manufacturers;
  • There is no problem in choosing the appropriate accessories for sinks made of artificial stone;
  • Easily and quickly cleaned with appropriate chemical processing agents. Easy to operate;
  • Aesthetically attractive.

Despite the advantages, kitchen sinks made of artificial stone have some drawbacks. Some of them are called as follows:

  • The price in comparison with sinks from steel or a tin higher;
  • They have a lot of weight. Therefore, they require certain reinforced supports. This must be taken into account in the installation work;
  • They can not put a hot, removed from the fire pan, pan or stew pan.

Sinks for a bathroom from an artificial stone are made in various variations and flowers. The most commonly used round and oval shape. At the small sizes angular sinks are established. But if the bathroom has a large area, then the integrated sink looks very good - these are two sinks connected together. The seam connecting them is not visible. They seem to be one. But they require certain skills during installation. This double sink is heavier, so you need a stand for it reinforced and reliable design.