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Glass blocks in the interior (21 photos): zoning and decor of rooms


Many left very specific memories of Soviet glass blocks. Formerly, bluish-green glass compositions were used in various state institutions: from baths and canteens to restaurants and schools.

Standardly the glass block is presented as a "brick" with voids inside, the walls of which are not thicker than 6 - 7 mm. Due to the fact that in the voids there is an “air cushion”, the product is distinguished by special sound-proofing qualities, and also perfectly saves heat in the rooms.

Colorless glass blocks are used both for forming partitions inside rooms and for cladding external surfaces of structures. The main condition - the products themselves must be of good quality. Simple plastic counterparts, although much cheaper, but not so perfect in operation.

Most often you can find glass blocks in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In the interior of the children's room, bedroom or living room, they are used less frequently, rather as a decor than a functional element.

The main features of glass blocks that attract designers:

  1. Decorative glass blocks are capable of transmitting more than 80% of the sunlight, and at the same time, they allow to form an obstacle, behind which it is comfortable to retire. This is true for small rooms;
  2. Glass and plastic blocks are particularly water resistant. These qualities will be useful in residential apartments and houses (bathroom, kitchen, dining room), as well as in public places (dining rooms, saunas, beauty salons, swimming pools);
  3. The structures are very durable and comfortable in terms of operation;
  4. Glass blocks in the interior of a bathroom or kitchen look organically, combine well with any design and other materials in the apartment;
  5. The shower cabin from glass blocks, glass partitions, compositions in door or window openings are very durable, it is convenient and simple to look after them;
  6. Excellent sound insulation (for example, the sound of pouring water glass blocks muffled by 60-80%);
  7. Good thermal insulation properties.

Walls made of glass blocks

Today, many owners of small apartments prefer to remove walls and partitions that are not bearing, to form interroom structures of a more modern and convenient format. The walls of glass blocks allow you to perfectly zone the space and effectively beat the modern design of any apartment.

In modern interior design of apartments and houses, it is customary to form non-standard partition walls:

  • Pyramid;
  • Trapezium;
  • Ziggurat;
  • Steps;
  • Arch;
  • Oval;
  • Round designs with holes.



Formation of window openings

Often, internal windows in apartments and houses are formed precisely with the help of spectacular glass blocks. They give lightness, airiness to the walls, allow better disperse the sun's rays. Particularly noteworthy are the illuminated designs that look great in the design of living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Glass bricks are convenient for forming complex structures that will not only perform aesthetic functions, but will also become a powerful functional element. The most interesting ideas can be realized on the basis of a studio apartment.

Installations made of glass cubes look great in the interiors of such stylistic trends:

  • Loft;
  • High tech;
  • Urban;
  • Modern;
  • Neo-classic;
  • Art Nouveau (use only stained glass compositions);
  • Art Deco;
  • Neo-Baroque (color compositions are obligatory with an abundance of secondary decor);
  • Oriental styling.