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Decoration of the site (21 photos): original and beautiful ideas

Everyone who has an infield, wants to see its design beautiful, comfortable, pleasant to the eye, ergonomic and functional. Therefore, the issue of improvement of the suburban area and the house is rather acute for each owner. Most people are engaged in this improvement all the time, how much this territory owns. Constantly something is improving with their own hands, improving, new adjustments are being made on the site, a new decor is being made, interesting ideas come to mind.


If you start to draw up a site "from scratch", then first of all, think carefully about where everything will be located on it. It is advisable to use the help of special computer 2D or 3D programs that allow you to see the layout of the site and the house in perspective. This approach will allow for the most rational and thoughtful arrangement of all elements of decor in the garden. If there is a need, use the advice of a landscape designer, who will prompt new ideas and correctly select the decorative elements that are appropriate for the style of your site.


Once you have decided exactly where the gazebos, the bathhouse, the greenhouse, the toilet, the flower beds, the pond, etc., will be located, it is time to lay garden paths between these structures. Their design also needs to be carefully planned. The tracks should be wide enough and convenient for all. Immediately decide from which material they will be: stone, concrete, or maybe you will build wooden bridges with your own hands. Landscape designers recommend making paths in the garden around the house with smooth, curved lines - they more beautifully emphasize the natural aesthetics of the garden and the site.

If you choose concrete tracks, even in this case, you can arrange their design is very picturesque. Concrete slabs can take different forms - hearts, leaves, circles. Such diversity will make the tracks more beautiful and interesting. Plates for the tracks can be made independently - some craftsmen use as a form even silicone tanks for making cakes. The paths to the gazebo and swimming pool will thus become original and individual. And decorated with flowers on the edge, also beautiful.

Ideas like decorating garden paths with colored and transparent plastic bottles were met, probably, by all. This decoration does not cost anything, but it looks quite interesting and attractive. In addition, it reliably protects the path from dirt from flower beds and beds.

Flowers and plants

This is a very important moment of decorating the suburban area. The presence of decor with flowers is necessary, it is the flowers that make the area beautiful and aesthetically appealing. Without greenery, bushes and flowers, the area, no matter how you decorate it, will not look good. Therefore, take care in advance about the various beds, rose gardens, flowerpots and other decor. Receptions:

  • It looks very nice decor of flowers in ampel hanging compositions.
  • Vases and flowerbeds made by their own hands are a great decoration of the infield.
  • If you want to get a quick result, plant annual flowers that will immediately delight you with their beauty.
  • For a more lasting effect, it is necessary to plant perennials on the site, which, although they "mature" longer, but then they grow more than one year without transplantation.
  • Beds of old tires - already a classic method of decorating flower beds. Of course, it is necessary to paint black tires with bright colors in order to get a beautiful look.
  • Consider whether a green lawn will be laid out on the plot. Such a plot near the house with a short grass, which does not have flowers, is very useful in order to place chaise lounges on it and to sunbathe on a summer day.
  • If you put your own hands ivy near the wall of the house, then after a while the building will get a very picturesque look, reminiscent of an English mansion. Ivy will grow especially well on the shady side of a summer house or arbor.


Be sure to think about whether there will be a pond, a creek, a fountain or maybe a waterfall near the house. Next to any body of water it will be very pleasant to be in the summer in the heat. If the size of the plot allows, then, of course, it is best to get a swimming pool in which you can swim in the summer. In this case, a visit to the dacha will turn from labor service into a holiday and pleasure.

Beautifully looks decorative pond in which they live fish. On the shore of such a picturesque pond you can arrange beautiful gazebos.

The design of a decorative pond or pool is well complemented by a perimeter of boardwalk, on which you can put deck chairs in summer. Besides, it’s not hot to step on wooden planks, while the stone coating will be very hot. This flooring, among other things, is also a good decoration of the site.

Lighting plots

This is a mandatory and very important point in the "master plan" of decorating the area. It is necessary that the territory near the house could move at any time of the day. Therefore, the night illumination of the site, house and gazebos are very desirable. It can be made in the form of small lanterns or lamps mounted in the ground near the tracks, along the perimeter of the plot and near the house. You can make a very original design, even with your own hands, by building small lanterns or lamps.

Wooden elements

Wood is an excellent material for decorating a garden plot. With it, you can add a rustic flavor to your plot. Receptions and ideas:

  • A wooden fence is the easiest and most logical way to decorate a country house with wooden elements. Its design may be different, even unusual. For example, a fence in the form of a fence is an ornament in itself.
  • A wooden cart, perhaps even a hand-painted color, will adorn the site in a remarkable way, especially if you break a flowerbed with wildflowers in it.
  • Garden stairs made of wood can also be used as a décor if you place small flower pots on its steps.
  • Arbor made of wood is a wonderful decorative garden ornament. These gazebos will become a romantic place for solitude and relaxation.
  • A bench on the shore of the pond is perfect for relaxation, intimate conversations and contemplation. After such a rest, interesting ideas will start to visit your head.


Garden decorative figures for the garden - a wonderful method of decorating the site. These figurines and figurines can be of any kind: here you can see gnomes, fairy-tale characters, animals, and even copies of antique statues. Choose the design that you prefer and is better suited for the style of the site.


Fluorescent paint - a great decorative solution for decorating the summer cottage and garden. Having painted flowerpots, figurines or even arbor walls with this paint, you can get a beautiful magical effect in the evening in the dark when the paint in the garden starts to glow. Your guests will be amazed.

Paint for cars with the effect of chrome - a great decorative solution for decorating the garden space. This paint has a mirror effect. By painting your own hands with it, for example, a smooth stone on a site or other smooth surfaces, you can get interesting shiny decorative elements. If the garden is decorated in the style of high-tech, such details will suit him very much.

It is not necessary to fight with all wild plants - the garden at the house can look very picturesque when cultural flowers and plants intersect with wild ones. This gives the site a special charm. But, of course, weeds and harmful specimens must be removed.

If you want to see your site in the classical style, then know that in this case, in its design should be traced a clear geometry and symmetry. Design with improvisation and spontaneity in this case is excluded. But such a site looks very neat and beautiful.

Garden area can be decorated with the most unusual things, even those who have long been time to landfill. In the course are the remnants of finishing materials, wooden boxes, old barrels, even worn and broken shoes. Having served its own plastic bottles, other containers - everything can be used to decorate the site. It is only necessary to show a little imagination and make some effort. Now you can find various ideas for customizing old things into new decorations for the garden.

Landscape designers are advised to adhere to the idea of ​​a natural landscape in decorating the site. That is, if you have a lowland, then it is perfect for the device of the pond in this particular place. It is advisable that you do not argue with the natural device of the site, but try to beat it only extra beautifully.