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Chandelier in the bedroom (22 photos): the atmosphere of relaxation with the help of light


The chandelier plays an important role in creating the interior of the room, especially when it comes to the bedroom. It is necessary to adhere not only to the stylistic canons, but also to the rules for arranging the lighting. In such a room it is important that the light was not too bright, was regulated if necessary, was installed according to the Feng Shui system, which will certainly have a positive effect on rest and sleep.




Designers offer to consider the chandelier as an element of the interior complement Therefore, first of all, it is worth choosing it not as a separate item, but as an accessory that fits perfectly into the bedroom style. The room can be in the style of Provence, country or minimalism, with a low or high ceiling. But to navigate the choice was easier, you first need to learn about all the varieties of these beautiful luminous devices.

In order for the chandelier to look harmonious in the interior, it must smoothly disperse the light and be functional.

  1. In the bedroom it is very important dim dimmed lighting, it matters both the power of the lamp and the appearance of the ceiling. Suspended chandeliers are often crystal, so here you should pay attention to the power of the lamp. There are lamps of day and night light, so if you choose the second option, then for the bedroom it will be the most suitable. To make the lighting calm, you should choose chandeliers with frosted shades of neutral colors, also fabric shades are also suitable. For example, a white chandelier will perfectly fit into the Provence style bedroom.
  2. Functionality is the second important quality of lighting in the bedroom. So that the general light does not hit in the eyes when reading, but when applying makeup, the room, on the contrary, was well lit, you should take care of the placement of light sources. At the head of the head can be two lamps-sconces, above the mirror at the dressing table can be installed two LED lamps, and on the ceiling a chandelier with an adjustable control panel. This approach is typical for Provence bedrooms.
  3. Sizes and care. A reasonable solution for a small bedroom with a low ceiling will be a ceiling chandelier, as well as wall sconces. If the dimensions of the room allow, then you can opt for a hanging chandelier, it can have several lamps in order to make it easier to adjust the direction of the light. It is also worth considering the care of the chandelier - to make it easier to wipe, remove as much as possible, it is recommended to choose practical ceiling lamps, even if the modern style of the room dictates the pretentiousness of the forms.

    For aesthetes can come up and a chandelier in the form of a branch, with petals coming out of it. Best of all contributes to sleep and rest of the classic: calm regular shapes and soft features. Therefore, choosing something "out of the ordinary", it is worthwhile to think a few times what is more important - to stand the design or take care of the rest "according to feng shui".

  4. Location The value and location of the chandelier. If you hang a bulky metal bulk of light above your head or bed, it is unlikely to please the owners with its beauty. Switches should be at hand, if for technical reasons such an arrangement is not possible, then it is better to make a remote control with which you can adjust both the general light and the bedside lamp or sconce.
  5. Saving. The bedroom is not the place to experiment. Three energy-saving lamps are enough: in the working area, by the bed and in the chandelier that illuminates the whole room.



Classic bedroom chandelier

Classic implies a high ceiling in the room. There will be a cascade lamp, and a retro chandelier with a few candles. If the size of the ceiling and the height of the room do not have to such fabulous excesses, fit a modest lamp, built-in hinged ceiling. To make the classics more, you can hang a small round glass chandelier with crystal pendants.




Chandelier in the bedroom hi-tech

Conciseness and functionality - these are the signs of high-tech. In addition, fashionable ceiling chandeliers with curved, asymmetrical lines in the shape of geometric shapes will do. A suitable material is plastic, glass or artificial stone. High-tech lighting should be saturated. Ceiling lampholders in many chandeliers are movable, which allows you to adjust the direction of light. There may be several dull shades of gray, black and silver colors, so characteristic of high-tech.



Here we will also talk about originality. Unusual forms in modern style are welcome: fantasies can begin as with rich crystal chandeliers, ending with practical lamps in the form of a flower bud or an animal. Modern loves meaning, themes and at the same time, the smoothness and elegance of the lines. Chandelier-modern bedroom can be made of bronze, nickel, copper, and can be made of several materials at once. The ceiling in this case, you can choose a warm color: brown, black or red.




Loft Chandelier

For those who want to arrange a bedroom in a loft style, it is worth adhering to rough simplicity, freedom and looseness. Against the background of brick walls, so common in the loft style, the metal chandelier looks good. More warm shades can pick up a plastic brown chandelier or lamp from untreated wood. Glass in combination with metal is less common, but also takes place in the design of the bedroom-loft.