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Zoning the kitchen and living room (52 ​​photos): together or apart?


The kitchen space is a special aura of the house. The requirements for kitchen design depend on the needs and preferences of the owners of the house. Zoning a kitchen is a conditional division of a room into zones with different functions, possibly with different designs. How to organize this space so that it is comfortable, functional and beautiful?




How to zone the kitchen?

Fantasy and creative zoning can do wonders for your kitchen space. There may be two, three or even four zones:

  • Space for cooking and storage
  • Eating area
  • Bar area
  • Corner of rest and relaxation









Zoning is of two types, which depend on the design and environment.

  1. Visual zoning - when the space is visually divided with the help of lighting, color and design of the walls, floor, ceiling and separate elements of interior decorations
  2. The second type is the physical division of space, which is also called functional. Architectural constructions or furniture are connected here.

Often the kitchen is combined with the next room, destroying the partition to make a full-fledged dining room. Especially this technique is relevant for a narrow kitchen, where, because of the small width of the room, it is impossible to enter both kitchen furniture and a full-fledged place for a dining table with chairs.






Visual zoning of the kitchen

You can visually separate one zone from another by using light sources. They are spotlights, a common chandelier, wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. Point sources are suitable for highlighting the cooking zone. The overall chandelier light will be ideal for the dining area. The bar area and recreation area can be highlighted with wall, table and floor lamps.




Attention! Each lighting element has its own wiring. It should be foreseen before the repair. Therefore, think over and make sketches, plans, schemes before repair will be finished.

Another method of visual zoning - placing accents. This type of zoning also physically does not limit the space. On the contrary, it allows you to fully view it. It may look like a wall decorated in a different style, different from the whole kitchen, next to which there is one or another area, for example, a dining table.




Visual zoning is also done through different floor designs. For this, the floor in different areas is covered with various finishes. Let's say the working part of the kitchen is tiled, and the dining area is parquet or soft.

Rugs and large rugs can serve as a restrictive symbol of a particular area.




Functional zoning

You can plan the division of space, according to its functions, in different ways.

  1. Sliding screens go coupe doors
  2. Figurative partitions and curtains, blinds and false walls
  3. Separation of furniture: bar counters, racks, sofas and other designs
  4. Architectural finds - level design, steps, arched structures, peremenchenki




Screens can be made of wood, plasterboard, plastic or other materials. Their size and height vary, they can be half the height of the room or up to the ceiling. Sliding partitions will be useful if you do not plan to keep the separation zones permanently. They can be folded or moved apart and again to unite the space. The bar counter can divide the space functionally, while serving as a place for a quick snack.




Small or spacious kitchen?

For a small square kitchen, when the owners have no desire to expand the space at the expense of another room and remove the partition between them, you can make the kitchen and living room zoning at the expense of the floor and ceiling. In the light version, simply mark the color of the ceiling design, or tile floor. The part of the room, where there will be a cooking zone, can be left in the kitchen interior, and on the floor we can lay tiles that are resistant to damage. The part of the space that is reserved for the dining room, equip with laminate or parquet, which will give it more comfort and home softness.






Kitchens up to 20 square meters. m can be considered small, the methods of their zoning is an art. Zoning a large kitchen is a much simpler task. Such kitchens can be found in private homes, or elite new high-rise buildings. Here the kitchens are made in the form of a studio, which allows you to turn around the flight of fantasy. If you have a small kitchen of 12 square meters. m, and you want a kitchen with several zones, then most likely you will have to do redevelopment.

Remember: you can not demolish the bearing walls, as this threatens the integrity of the house structure. Obtain permission from the Technical Inventory Bureau to ensure that the house you live in does not collapse due to your renovation.




How to correctly select the kitchen area

Ideas zoning the kitchen and living room should be based on the basic rules:

  1. Consider the rule of "three points" - the kitchen work triangle rests on 3 main zones: a stove, a refrigerator and a sink for washing dishes. These three points should be as close as possible to each other. There should be no obstacles on the way from one point to another.
  2. The layout of the entire kitchen ensemble should be based on the construction in the shape of the letter P, if the kitchen space allows
  3. For a small or narrow kitchen, the arrangement of furniture is more relevant to perform in the form of the letter G.
  4. Linear layout is permissible in an apartment with a narrow kitchen, and parallel in a wide but long
  5. 0-shaped layout. This type of layout is not suitable for a small and narrow kitchen, as it is built around the "island". The island is a desktop left in the center of the kitchen where the sink is located. The stove and the rest of the tabletop plays the role of an economic surface. The rest of the furniture in the island design form is placed along the contour of the kitchen.




If the layout of the kitchen area in the interior of the apartment is quite understandable, the formation of the living room and recreation area with a sofa or bar counter, depends entirely on the shape of the room. If it is large and spacious, for example, 20 or 25 square meters. m, then you can separate the recreation area and food intake, having built a podium with an arch. In one part to equip the kitchen, and in the other dining room.



Interesting ideas for creating zones in the kitchen space

In the design of both apartments, Khrushchev and large studios, the method of equipping a dining room with a sofa for rest is used. This turns the space of the dining room into a living room - not only for eating, but also organizing small "gatherings" with guests.



A very beneficial option is a combination of different zoning techniques: functional and visual. That is, by making a selection of a kitchen zone with a bar counter, steps, an arch, furniture placement in a certain way, something else, we add color accents to this and highlight the formed zones in a certain way using selected light sources.

Stylish accessories can become a highlight or "heart" of this or that form of zoning. For example, if an ethnic style of kitchen design is chosen, the samovar and tea set can become the central accent of the design.