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Beautiful crafts for the interior with their own hands (52 photos)


Handicraft is now in trend. Handicrafts for the interior with their own hands will decorate your home, make it more comfortable and memorable. A decorative decoration in the room will remind you of your design talent and literally warm the soul, because you did this thing yourself - from beginning to end.






Variety of ideas and materials

All tired of stamped souvenirs and figurines for interior decoration? Much more interesting to create original crafts with their own hands. New ideas are usually inspired from each other, sharing the technology of making crafts at master classes. Sometimes nature itself tells us a theme for creating a beautiful thing. In skillful hands, even a simple snag can turn, for example, into an exquisite candlestick, and the old disk into an interesting panel.



What surrounds us gives us material for making jewelry. On a walk in the woods you just have to look at your feet. Moss, cones, dry flowers and branches - everything can go to a turn. At home there are a lot of things that you have long wanted to throw away. Disks, boxes, plates, pillows - give them a second life with their own hands.

Decorate the interior stylish gizmos from paper and cardboard. How exciting to create them with children! Your home hobby will gradually unite the whole family. Mom usually does needlework, children glue paper crafts, but dad prefers to create something more solid. Wooden furniture, for example.







Environmental friendliness is not less popular trend than hand-made. Natural material always looks spectacular and stylish. What crafts can you create with your own hands from what nature has given us?


Beautiful panels can decorate the walls in the kitchen. Buy a wood frame in the store, insert a cardboard base into it and paint it. It is better to take natural colors to emphasize the subtlety of natural materials. It can be brown, golden and beige.







On the eve of the New Year holidays everyone is concerned about the interior decoration. Decorative wreath of cones looks very stylish. It will help create a New Year's mood and become a great gift.

To create the first wreath need large cones of the same size, plastic rings and bending wire. Cones can be pre-gilded or covered with artificial frost. We glue plastic rings on them and string them on a wire, which we give to the shape of a circle. Beautifully distribute the cones and tied on top of a red satin ribbon. The wreath is ready, you can hang it on the door, on the wall in any room, even in the kitchen, or give it to friends.






To make another wreath of cones with your own hands, use the ready-made basics. They are sold in specialized stores. Pre-prime it and stick cones of different sizes, nuts, beads, acorns. Decorate the wreath with linen ribbons or ropes. Silver-plated or gold-plated cones are used as Christmas toys.

A wreath of branches looks no less impressive. Combine thin but long twigs into a thick rope, twist them into a wreath and decorate. It can be dried flowers, dried orange mugs, tiny cones. Just do not overdo it. Excessive decor will look tasteless.






What can be made of wood saw cut? For example, a wall panel of cuts of different diameters, which can vary from 5 to 15 cm. Stands in the kitchen for hot cups, a kettle, a vase with flowers. Or just original decor on the wall.

What kind of wood is suitable for blanks? It can be birch, alder, pine, linden, oak, apple and others. Depending on your idea, you can use a different width of the saw cut tree or diagonal. After cutting the tree into cuts, polish them, soak them with oil, varnish or paint. Blanks are ready, it's time to create.




The usual forest snag, a branch of a tree of fancy shape can become an independent decor of an apartment, and can become the basis of a piece of furniture, including in the kitchen. Twisting roots and snags can turn into legs of a table or chair, a hanger, a stand for flowers, candles, a lamp and a vase. This unusual decorative element will be a real designer find.






Snags themselves can turn into flowers. Absurd? Not at all. Pick up a fairly smooth branches of beautiful shape, similar to flower stalks. Sand them. The resulting bouquet of tree sagles, put in a floor vase. Add dried flowers about the same height with snags. Places for such decor can not be found in the kitchen, but in the living room an eco-book created with your own hands will surely catch your eye.


Such an interior decoration over the years does not lose its relevance. Ikebana will be a test of your taste.

The basis of the composition can be wicker baskets, old discs, wooden cuts, dishes and even cardboard. Fill the ikebana with your mood, which can be expressed by any available materials: beautiful cones, flowers, stones, shells, leaves, vegetables, fruits and berries. Ikebana can be decorated with figures of paper. For example, you can make a house out of paper or cardboard as a symbol of comfort and family.

The composition that you made with your own hands, is suitable for decorating the shelves in your apartment. If it consists of vegetables or fruits, it will be very appropriate to look in the kitchen.






Crafts from seashells

What a lot of imagination in the creation of shell jewelry! Sea shells brought from the sea can become an independent decor and remind you of your rest. And they can be a topic for creativity, especially for creativity with children. Ordinary shells turn into animals, dolls, funny toys. Paste them on paper, creating a pattern, we string them on a thread. It is useful for children to work with their fingers.




The seashell decor on the photo frame will look elegant. Buy in the store the usual plastic frame and glue the shells on it. You can also decorate a beautiful white candle, a mirror. You can make a panel of shells on the basis of a disk, linen, cardboard, glass or other scrap materials. Take as a basis a dense cardboard. Cut a heart out of it, stick white paper on the other side and let it dry. First, take a ribbon and attach it to the “dimple” of the heart so that it is convenient to hang it. Next, we will cover the surface of the cardboard with different shells to create a beautiful interior decoration.

Craftswomen successfully cope with the creation of topiary. Without much preparation with your own hands, you can make a suspension "music of the wind." Take a flaxen rope, distribute beautiful shells on it and secure with knots. Beautiful decoration of your kitchen from the improvised material is ready.