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How to quickly and efficiently clean the sofa


Dirty sofa - a problem that is often found and common, but, fortunately, is not hopeless. With modern detergents and home tricks to quickly clean the sofa will not be difficult. You need to learn a few simple techniques that will help you easily cope with annoying pollution - and your furniture will sparkle clean. The article will look at how to clean the sofa at home, and by what means we can remove the most common stains from the upholstery, and at the same time save the furniture from smell.

To rid your sofa of such a common misfortune as room dust, the easiest way is to simply knock it out. Everyone, probably, has such a plastic whipper at home for this manipulation.

Even if you have thrown wide open all the available windows, knock out the sofa only through a wet sheet - this method allows you to quickly "catch" the dust, not allowing it to scatter throughout the room.

A vacuum cleaner

Cleaning with this household unit is a great way to rid the sofa of dust and some dirt. Also, a vacuum cleaner is quite a reasonable answer to the question - how to clean a light sofa.

For furniture cleaning usually use a special nozzle of small diameter, which is included. It is best to turn on the unit to the highest power that is provided for it - so you can even save a white sofa from more dust and specks. In addition to the usual dirt, vacuuming also eliminates the sofa from dust mites. It will help to make the urine smell less "vigorous".

Vacuuming is best done regularly - once a week is enough to keep your sofa always fresh, clean and tidy - without any stains or stains.

In addition to dust and dry dirt in the form of debris, a sofa with fabric upholstery may also suffer from liquids. It can be shed and tea, and coffee, and other beverages. In addition, other types of stains can form on the sofa: fatty and wine, and even from blood and urine. What to do with these types of spots, consider.

Shoe Vanish

The best tool for cleaning the sofa from almost all types of stains is Vanish known to all. The tool is good because it is able to rid the textile surface of the stain, regardless of whether it is fresher or has already become old. Cope means with complex stains of blood, urine or wine.

How to use Vanisham:

  • Put the amount of the solution whisk until a strong foam.
  • Apply the foam to the stain and nearby surfaces, take a brush and rub the dirt intensively.
  • After a few minutes, you will notice that the stain disappears. And after 10-15 minutes of such cleaning, the ill-fated pollution will disappear from the upholstery of your sofa without a trace.
  • Now you need to dry the furniture - and as nothing was.

The remedy is good, however, at the right moment Vanish is not at every hostess. And how to clean the sofa from stains, if the necessary means was not at hand, but there is a stain that requires urgent cleaning? In this case, you can use the home methods. What exactly, we will tell further.

You can remove these stains with ordinary or household soap.


  • Take a sponge dipped in water and moisten the stain.
  • Soap rub the surface of pollution.
  • Take a brush and rub the surface of the fabric. Soap well, ensuring that the stain is abundant and evenly covered with foam.
  • For 10 minutes the soapy spot must be left to the impact.
  • Wash off the soap with a sponge. From the stain should not remain a trace. The tool is suitable for cleansing the sofa from urine stains.

If you accidentally spilled a glass of wine on the sofa - even if it is red wine and the suede or velor sofa is white, nothing terrible has happened.


  • Take a regular napkin or a few and blot the excess wine - some part of it is immediately absorbed into the napkin.
  • Sprinkle the stain with salt and leave for 10-15 minutes so that the salt absorbs the liquid.
  • After a set time, rub the dirt with a brush directly on the salt, and then remove the salt with a napkin - almost all spilled wine will remain on it.
  • Moisten a textile cloth with alcohol or vodka and rub the stain to remove any residual dirt.
  • When the stain dries out after a few hours or the next day, soap the brushed sofa again and rub it with a brush. This measure will help get rid of the divorce, if they remained.

  • If something is greasy on the upholstery and a stain remains, you should immediately fill the affected area with salt, starch or soda. These substances have absorbent properties and absorb fat.
  • For a few minutes it is necessary to leave the substance on the stain so that the fat penetrates it.
  • Then you need to dip the usual sponge into the cleaning soap solution (dishwashing liquid will do) and carefully rub the stain.
  • It is necessary to rub quite intensively about 15 minutes. And then with clean water and a sponge to wash off the remnants of soap and absorbent.

Fruit juice

How can you destroy sweet and tart stains? Very simple - liquid ammonia can help them out. To do this, it is necessary to dilute the product in water in a ratio of 1: 1, then apply to the stain, let it dry. After drying with clean water, wash off the stain.


If such a nuisance happened, and blood stains fell on the upholstery, you can quickly remedy the situation by spreading an aspirin tablet in a glass of water and clean the stain with the resulting compound. You can also try to treat the pollution with a saline solution (a spoonful of salt in a glass of water).

If a child smeared condensed milk, sweet cream or chocolate on the sofa - how to clean the sofa upholstery at home in this case? It is better not to remove the stain immediately, but let it dry. Otherwise, the product may smear on the upholstery, and pollution will become larger. After drying, it is necessary to remove the upper crust and carefully wipe the stain with a concentrated soap solution.

Upholstery color and smell

Many notice that over time, upholstered furniture loses its original properties. The sofa becomes worn, the upholstery faded, and sometimes the smell from old furniture is not the most pleasant. After all, the foam filling and textile upholstery constantly absorb all the flavors that hover in our apartments. Therefore, it is not surprising that over time, the state of the sofa at home becomes far from what it was at the time of purchase.

What to do - how to return the color and remove the unpleasant smell from the kitchen odors, body or baby urine.

You can use a steam cleaner. With the help of wet warm steam you can return upholstery bright colors. Household steam can also destroy microscopic insects that accumulate in the upholstery, so the sofa will once again sparkle clean.

Do not forget after steam treatment to give the furniture how to dry out - do not immediately use the sofa. Cleaning the light sofa in this way is also quite possible.

To destroy the unpleasant smell emanating from the sofa, we can help high-quality cat litter. Especially well copes with this means "fragrant" sofas with flock upholstery. For processing, you need to scatter the filler on the sofa and leave for half an hour so that the smell is absorbed. After a set time, collect the filler and discard it, and vacuum the surface.

Also a good reception, eliminating odors, even old ones - airing. To do this, you need to bring the sofa to the street on a sunny day, so that it is blown from all sides by the breeze. In this way, you can literally refresh and restore the neutral smell of the sofa in just one day.


Useful tips that you need to know to furniture always shone clean.

It must be understood that if the stain is fresh, then it is always easier to remove it than the old dried and stubborn stains. Therefore, if you notice a fresh spot, then do not waste time and take steps to remove it - this will be most effective.

Not finding the right household chemicals at hand, do not rush to run to the store - precious minutes will disappear and the stain will penetrate deeper into the fabric. Better try to use improvised home remedies.

Velor upholstered sofas are well cleaned from various stains and dust by treating with acetic acid solution, as well as soda.

Tapestry upholstery and other lint-free ones are best cleaned with Vanish or soap solutions. Laundry soap and dishwashing liquid are well suited for creating an effective soap solution. The flock lends itself well to treatment with Vanish and the same soda.