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Black furniture in the interior (19 photos): elegance and chic

Black color always causes a lot of controversy, but with its proper application, you can create a unique interior design of the room. So, a bedroom with a black glossy oak bed and a dressing table can look elegant and languid, and the living room, on the contrary, is very pretentious.

Black furniture - the main trend of the interior of a modern apartment

Black furniture can be an important part of a stylish and extraordinary interior. Brown or black leather sofas, gray curtains, dark tiles on the wall or floor, modular oak furniture - this style is more to the liking of men. For women, black and dark brown are associated with fear and anxiety. Although there are exceptions.

What tricks will help to cope with the gloomy atmosphere in the living room? In modern design projects, cabinet furniture in black is common. Many designers believe that black furniture in the interior, combined with orange trim is suitable for modern styles, such as minimalism or art deco.

Black oak furniture has recently come into fashion, so many questions have arisen for buyers, which one is better to choose: glossy or matte, with which it is in harmony, which curtains will fit? And although earlier in the interiors often found brown cabinet furniture in the color of ebony, black - looks different.

Black furniture: ideas for different rooms

Black furniture in the interior combined with a white palette allows you to create a chic and stylish apartment design. The monochrome contrasting interior has become a classic of the genre - using only two colors, slightly diluted with gloss of mirror surfaces - the best solution for the bathroom.

It is believed that gray, black and brown - this is a purely masculine style. Modern modular polished black furniture in the interior and dark curtains make the living space of the room immaculate for men.

Living room

The modern style often uses a combination of black modular furniture and decor in pure white. Black window frames with white curtains, a black sofa, and a glossy oak bookcase that matches in color, against the background of white wallpaper and snow-white flooring will look incredibly harmonious.

The most popular option to create a fashionable living room is black leather upholstered furniture. But many refuse from upholstered furniture with black leather upholstery and steel elements, since such an interior design resembles an office style.

But if black oak furniture is in the living room, which is covered with bright wallpaper with an original pattern and velvet curtains on the window, this design has nothing in common with the office one. Bright wall decor and skillful lighting transform the living room. Lighting fixtures of the same color can be purchased, they can be used to zoning a combined living room and kitchen.


The main part of the furniture in the bedroom is the bed. If her high back is covered with beautiful textured leather - it will help to create intrigue.

Bedrooms, where all furniture and even curtains and other textile design are presented in black, are rare. But if you make a lighting system at several levels, actively use the built-in lights, and not be limited to the central chandelier and night lamps, this bedroom design will look organic.

A completely black or brown bedroom with a carpet with a long nap on the wall and opaque curtains is a great option for enhancing the sound insulation properties of the bedroom. It seems that in the black bedroom furniture seems to disappear in space, but due to the difference in surface textures, it stands out against the general background.

In furniture stores there are many ready-made solutions that are ideal for decorating the bedroom in black.


Black color is elegant, solid and self-sufficient. To show these qualities in full, he needs space. Therefore, black oak furniture is suitable only for a large kitchen.

The concept of kitchen design is comfort and convenience. The black color of kitchen furniture is often found in modern design projects. Oak kitchen set looks massive and needs to be diluted with light spots. It can be a wooden worktop, a white kitchen island or light curtains.

Modern kitchen with black modular furniture and contrasting combinations of white is ideal for a democratic interior. This style in the kitchen, combined with the living room, looks very impressive.

Diversify the design of the kitchen will help black chairs and tables for the kitchen of various modifications. The smooth lines of the furniture and the original design give the kitchen a modern and exclusive look.

Entrance hall

In the hallway, black is more often used in combination with white, for example, the "chess" style. If you are bored with sterile interiors with plain black glossy furniture against a white wall and a banal checkered floor, move away from the classics, and use other colors, such as orange.

It is not recommended to install a mirror in front of the black wall in the hallway so as not to visually narrow the space.


The black bathroom is a luxury classic. In combination with white plumbing and black and white matte or glossy tiles, it looks beautiful, dynamic and fairly strict. But in the bathroom of a small size it is better not to buy black furniture, the room in this case will be gloomy and uncomfortable.

What accessories will help to beat the black color in the design of the bathroom? When choosing ebony furniture in the bathroom, follow a few rules:

  • if you decide to put black furniture in the bathroom, make the walls in lighter colors;
  • Do not soak all items in the bathroom in uniform colors. Gilded elements are perfectly acceptable here;
  • add white or orange elements to the bathroom décor to add charm to the interior. To do this, you can paint the walls;
  • mirrors will help to visually expand the room. Experiment with their size and shape;
  • To increase the bathroom space, install additional lamps on the walls.

What color is the combination of black furniture

With white, black looks quite organic. This is a recognized classic. Now became popular black-white-red interior. For glossy furniture more suitable pure red color, without bluish shades, as well as orange. For matte furniture are suitable crimson, ruby, scarlet and muted brown.

Using a combination of black glossy modular furniture with objects of orange, brown and other bright colors, you can offer people who are ready for radical solutions for the design of the living room.

For lovers of the classic fit black oak furniture on a white background. But many designers find this style rather boring. The interior of the bedroom looks very modern in combination with black and orange or fashionable yellow.

Black oak furniture is combined with the gray color of light colors, otherwise the room may look dirty. To create such a purely masculine style in the living room, the walls are covered with dark wallpaper, and gray curtains are hung on the windows.

More successfully, this furniture looks on a bright glossy floor, but it should not have reddish, orange and brown shades.

With the right approach, elegant black furniture will decorate not only a city apartment, but also a country house.