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How to put the mixer: professional advice


The question of how to put the mixer, becomes relevant in the event of a major overhaul or failure of the old plumbing equipment. Naturally, the easiest solution is to call a plumber, who quickly and efficiently does the work, but not always finances allow you to do this, and in some cases there is such a situation that it is simply impossible to postpone the solution of the problem. A striking example is the torn thread on the mixer, which leads to leakage and flooding of neighbors. In this article we will consider issues relating to the installation of faucets in the bathroom and kitchen.

In steel and cast-iron baths, there are no openings for the installation of mixers, and the formation of them on their own is a rather complicated procedure; therefore, in bathrooms, pipes for hot and cold water are brought directly to the wall near the bathroom. In the case of using an acrylic bath, plumbing can be installed on it, but this option will be discussed later.

So, consider how to install the faucet in the bathroom, if the issues of water pipes are on the wall. The procedure includes several steps:

  1. First you need to check whether the threads have internal or external threads. If the thread is external, then additional installation of special couplings will be required. Make it easy. It is enough to wind the heel and screw the coupling tightly tightening it with a key;
  2. Installing eccentrics. They are included, and differ from ordinary couplings in different external thread diameters and curved shapes. It is screwed into the coupling or outlet with a thread of a smaller diameter, on which the tow has been previously wound. Eccentrics are installed so that they bend upward;
  3. Adjusting eccentrics. At this stage, you need to adjust them in accordance with the center distance of the mixer. To do this, one of the flare nuts of the mixer should be placed on the eccentric and see if the second nut fits the other eccentric. If not, then the key must be carefully turned the eccentric, achieving gradually the desired position. It is desirable to rotate both eccentrics in order to additionally achieve a horizontal position of the mixer;
  4. Decorative cups are installed. Pre-mixer removed from eccentrics;
  5. Installing the mixer using the supplied gaskets. There is no need to use winding here. If the preparation was done correctly, there will be no leakage. Sometimes it is enough to tighten the nuts with your hands. Tighten them too much should not, as the gasket or even the nut can be damaged;
  6. The final stage is the installation of a spout and a shower head, if such is provided for in the design. This is also done without using the winding.

After the plumber has been installed, you should check the tightness of the connections and, if necessary, tighten the nuts.

If you do not know how to install a shower faucet, then the procedure here is the same. Its distinctive feature is its small size. The fact is that there is no outflow provided, and, accordingly, the switch "bath-shower".

In the case of using an acrylic bath, it is possible to install directly on its board, and not into the wall. This option is preferable from an aesthetic point of view, since it is possible to hide all communications. Consider how to install the mixer on an acrylic bath.

For work you will need the following tools:

  • Adjustable or gas wrench;
  • Drill with a mill of the required diameter;
  • Fittings. If the mixer is new, then it must be supplied;
  • Hoses Depending on the presence / absence of the soul, there may be three or two;
  • Screwdrivers.

The installation procedure consists of several stages:

  1. A suitable place for the installation of the mixer is selected. There should be taken into account a number of factors - convenience of location, the possibility of trouble-free connection, access to the device in case of breakdown for dismantling;
  2. The diameter of the required hole is measured and drilled in the tub. The diameter is sometimes indicated in the passport of the product;
  3. A tap with hoses and gaskets is inserted into the drilled hole. With the help of nuts, it is fixed on board the bathroom;
  4. The system is connected to the system using hoses.

There was considered the simplest option when the faucet housing open. If only the spout is displayed up, then you will also need to cut the holes for the valves, as well as the holder for the shower head. This option requires precision in order not to be mistaken when marking up and not to spoil the bath.

Consider how to install the mixer in the kitchen. Wall mounting in modern kitchens is rarely used. Plumbing is installed directly on the sink, which is then placed on the headset or crashes into the countertop. In this case, for the connection to the water supply, special pipes (liners) are used, which sometimes need to be purchased separately.

When choosing an eyeliner should pay attention to the following points:

  • Their length should be such that the hoses are only slightly bent, and not broken. Also, do not take short tubes that are installed internally. Length 86 cm in most cases is sufficient;
  • If the bundled eyeliners are short, then it is better to purchase new ones and not increase them;
  • Silumin hoses are not of high quality, so you should not make a choice in their favor;
  • Flexible liners are easier to install, but less reliable, so it is advisable to mount them together with taps;
  • It is necessary to ensure that the bends were with gaskets;
  • When replacing the old faucet, it is desirable to change the old branches.

Above, we looked at how to properly install the faucet in the bathroom, but there are several nuances that should be considered:

  • First, you need to properly use tow. It is necessary to wind it in the course of twisting the thread, tight and with a cone (the base of the cone should be directed from the front edge of the thread). It is also necessary to make sure that there is no winding of the tow with a harness - it should only lie in the grooves;
  • In the case of installation of the mixer along with the replacement of pipes, it is necessary to determine in advance the height of installation of the mixer. Most often it is 15-20 cm above the edge of the bath.

Installation of the mixer - the procedure is not too complicated. And if you do everything in accordance with the recommendations and installation rules, then this sanitary equipment will last more than one year without complaints.