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Green furniture and accessories in the interior of the living room, bedroom and nursery (36 photos)


Green furniture can help in all our endeavors: to give a warm positive mood to the house, to give a feeling of security and comfort.




Green caution in the living room and kitchen

The most popular variant of green furniture for a living room is a sofa and other pieces of upholstered furniture. The brightest, attention-getting subject, of course, is the sofa. His appearance (along with chairs) in the living room should not lead to an imbalance in the interior. To assess the compatibility of the characteristics of new furniture with the basic interior composition useful indicators:

  • Colour;
  • upholstery material;
  • design;
  • transformation method;
  • design.

This is partly true for the kitchen (though, if we are talking about a spacious kitchen).






Proper combination of colors in the interior, where the furniture is located in green, is not easy, although the basic basic approaches are known. Below are some recommendations that you can apply yourself.

Green furniture in the living room and kitchen: non-hazardous combinations

Green upholstered furniture in the living room and kitchen is delicately combined with furniture containing glass elements (shelves, cabinet doors, coffee tables).




The combination of green furniture and white in the interior gives a touching feeling of renewal, inherent in the spring, or joyful delight, born in the summer. The gray color of the green-white-gray trio makes room design more restrained. However, a complete rejection of white color may impoverish the interior, make it boring. Additional single strokes of warm color - the yellow, golden yellow or orange palette is very good here - enliven the rooms, creating the effect of the sun's rays.




The green-blue color tandem can be the basis for creating an elegant setting with a relaxing effect in the living room. Combination with soft neutral colors (white, beige, gray, wood colors) will fit into this combination.



Green furniture with chocolate-colored or pearl-colored elements or accessories is also a winning solution for the living room. The muted green colors of the furniture will take root in the minimalist interior design composition. Emerald and malachite colors give the living room a luxury, but a dark green color should be abandoned. The use of warm colors in the interior (accessories, wallpaper and curtain design, flooring) will enhance this feeling.

For a small room optimal modular green furniture in bright colors, easily moving around the area of ​​the room.

Leather - the best option for furniture upholstery

For upholstery of upholstered furniture known a huge variety of materials. One of them is leather.

Upholstered furniture made of genuine leather is ideal for the living room, decorating it and as if confirming the high status of its owner. The cost of its acquisition in the case of this room is justified: these pieces of furniture can last for a long time (20 years or more) when the rules for their maintenance are fulfilled.



Recall: genuine leather - capillary-porous breathable hypoallergenic material that can absorb moisture and evaporate it. Non-observance of the temperature and humidity conditions can lead to cracks in the skin, decrease in the adhesion of the skin-paint compound, loss of gloss. To maintain an optimum moisture content, the skin requires an air humidity level of 65 to 70%. Dry air is harmful to human health, the skin of furniture also reacts negatively, gradually losing its protective and decorative functions. Leather can also be affected by dampness, so the use of leather furniture in wet areas (like in a bathroom) is undesirable.

Leather allows upholstered furniture to fit into any interior provided that the color range, shades of additional details, the overall style are taken into account. We emphasize that for large products it is necessary to choose not very bright colors, the combination of the color of the product and the shades involved in the design of the room should be weighted. Small sofas made of leather will be good in the kitchen.

Green furniture in the bedroom

Using green in the bedroom today is a fashion trend. Light unobtrusive shades of green are comfortable for the eyes, give a healthy energy, cause a romantic mood, give a feeling of harmony, in a word - this is a good reception for a room, the purpose of which is rest, relaxation and sleep.




To create a calm interior should focus on the use of furniture with matte surfaces. This recommendation is also true when choosing other elements of the interior of the bedroom (wallpaper, curtains, cabinet surfaces, bedside tables).

Ideal colors for use in the bedroom:

  • mint;
  • olive;
  • salad dressing;
  • green moss or sage;
  • pistachio.

The green color of the juicy tint uplifting and inspiring, visually expands the space, but for the bedroom (unlike the bathroom) it should be used carefully - as accessories, additional elements. Dark green and other bright colors in the bedroom are not good. The blue-green combination in the version of saturated tones has a tonic effect, so it is not appropriate in every bedroom.



The combination of furniture in various tones of pastel green with small details of the interior or accessories made in contrasting orange or violet colors, for example, a bed with a delicate light green headboard and an orange pillow (or a purple glass vase), is successful. A combination of green-gray looks very nice in the bedroom, for example, a bedroom in gray tones and a chair (chair, shelf) in the color of spring greenery.




It is known: the furniture and color of the nursery grow and change with the age of the child. For the baby's room, they choose soft, unsaturated colors: pink and light blue or light green of a delicate shade. They have a lulling effect, help reduce arousal. The walls of the room for kids are usually decorated with bright elements that attract their attention and develop curiosity.

By the 4th year, the nursery with the basic needs of the bedroom acquires a new functionality - a place for active outdoor games, development and, accordingly, turns into an interior combining bright joyful color contrasts. That is why, starting from the age of 4, yellow, blue, orange, red, hot pink colors are preferred for children. For children, they do not recommend the simultaneous use of a combination of bright irritating signal colors, orange and red gamma are especially dangerous for fidget.





In the nursery (as well as in the kitchen), dark blue and other rich dark shades, which approaching black, begin to have a depressing effect on the psycho-emotional state, are extremely undesirable.

There are recommendations to decorate the interior of the nursery in pink, greenish-yellow, delicate light shades of blue, green, lilac, using these colors in combination with beige, small patches of brown. This applies equally to furniture and decorative elements (wallpaper, curtains).



For children younger students recommend light shades of purple, which is useful for stimulating mental activity and the development of creative activity.

Parents should be interested in the color preferences of their children when choosing furniture, interior elements for the nursery.

Kitchens in yellow green and juicy green freshness in the bathroom

A wonderful option for the design of the kitchen: kitchen furniture with elements of green, a small green sofa made of leather and in addition - unpainted wooden chairs, yellow-green design of curtains, gray with shades of green - on the walls, and orange gamma - in accessories.