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Mixer in bronze: classic motifs in the interior (24 photos)


Modern manufacturers of sanitary equipment are ready to offer an almost unlimited choice of mixers made of various materials. One of the most popular options is a bronze mixer, which repeats the motifs adopted in the classical style. There is always the opportunity to choose a faucet for shower, bath, jacuzzi or kitchen sink, which fits perfectly into the overall style of the room. In addition to the classics, the mixers with a bronze finish will look harmoniously and spectacularly in rooms decorated in the style of country, Provence, vintage or retro.




Design features of mixers in bronze

Not one hundred years, faucets for sinks were made of bronze. The choice of material is not accidental.

Bronze is a material that has a long service life, practically does not react to harmful impurities that are always present in tap water, and is able to resist corrosive processes. It is very important that these sanitary devices look very aesthetically pleasing.

Modern faucet for shower, bidet or bath has only one major drawback - the price of such products is very high.




However, today there are a large number of manufacturers offering alternative mixers for baths or kitchens to consumers, which have high quality characteristics and quite affordable prices. Such sanitary equipment is made of brass, and on top of it is plated with a layer of bronze in an electroplating manner. In addition to affordable prices, a bronze faucet for a sink, jacuzzi or bath has a certain list of advantages:

  • long service life and ease of management;
  • increased functionality and comfortable use;
  • resistance to aggressive chemical environment of water pipes and temperature changes;
  • the ability to combine a bath mixer with a shower;
  • the ability for many years to maintain an attractive appearance, because such products are covered with a durable layer of special anti-corrosion coating.

The main advantage of such products is that the faucet in bronze for a bidet, sinks in the kitchen or bathroom can complement the most sophisticated interiors and highlight their aristocracy. Another design feature is the method of water supply with shower or kitchen faucets:

  • single lever system involves adjusting the temperature and force of water flow with one lever;
  • the two-valve design of the crane has two separate mechanisms for supplying hot and cold water;
  • the principle of operation of the contactless design of a shower, bath or kitchen faucet is based on the use of an infrared sensor that reacts to the movement of hands, and stops the flow of water as soon as the hands disappear from the zone of the sensor device
  • The thermostatic model of a bathroom faucet or sink in the kitchen allows you to adjust the optimum water temperature, such models are very convenient when there are young children in the house.

The highest quality models of retro mixers is considered to be plumbing equipment from manufacturing companies from Italy or Germany. However, you can purchase budget versions of shower faucets, bathtubs, or kitchen sinks from Polish, Czech, or Bulgarian manufacturers.



Classification of mixers in bronze by the method of installation

Effectively using and properly organizing the space of a kitchen or bathroom allows a wall-mounted installation or installation of the faucet on board a bath or a jacuzzi.

The design features of various models provide an opportunity to choose the most suitable installation option for a shower faucet or kitchen sink.

The traditional way of installing a sink mixer in a kitchen or bathroom involves installing plumbing fixtures directly on the sink. At the same time, there is an opportunity to purchase a faucet for bronze for a filter for purifying drinking water, which will successfully fit into the overall style of the design of the kitchen. Installing a mixer with a long spout greatly facilitates the process of washing large cutlery, vegetables and fruits.




Installing the faucet on board a bath or a jacuzzi can significantly save usable space in the bathroom. In addition, the bronze mixer fixed on the side of the bath looks very impressive and presentable, which makes it possible to complement the stylistic design of the room as a whole.

Floor-mounted bath mixer is considered one of the most practical and convenient to use in a number of modern sanitary devices. If both a bathtub and a jacuzzi are installed indoors, the floor standing bath mixer is the ideal choice. In addition, this design allows you to hide all the water supply communications that are built into the floor of the bathroom. However, it is appropriate to install it only in large areas of showers and bathrooms, in which there is an opportunity to make niches in the floor for installing a floor bath mixer.

The wall model of the sanitary equipment can be used not only for water supply in the bathroom. This is a convenient and aesthetic way to provide water to the kitchen, during the installation of which all communications are built into the wall. Such wall mixers make the design of the room more rare and sophisticated. In addition, this design perfectly performs the functions of a shower faucet. However, to install an embedded system, it is necessary to carry out special work (wall shading), which significantly complicates the installation of a wall-mounted mixer.




Cascade faucet is considered one of the most aesthetically effective instruments for supplying water to the bath. This is a new generation of sanitary equipment. Its package includes:

  • mixer;
  • wide crane;
  • a set of switches;
  • shower equipment.

The mixer is mounted on the side of the bath and during the water supply it represents a wide calm current of water. At the same time the water flows completely silently, without splashing. All wiring installed on board the bathtub mixer is hidden in the space under the bath or Jacuzzi and does not spoil the overall design of the design. An obvious advantage is that a cascade-type mixer mounted on the bathtub fills the bathtub or in the jacuzzi much faster than a conventional water supply device.



Bronze faucets in various interior solutions

Designer faucet models with high-quality bronze coating allow you to complete the design of the premises of the most diverse stylistic directions. Modern technologies allow to create sanitary equipment for bathrooms, shower cabins, and kitchen premises, made of:

  • in the classical style, which traditionally involves the use of the color spectrum from light to dark bronze, as a symbol of respectability;
  • in the style of country, mixers, made in light bronze shades, bring to the interior an atmosphere of calm rural life;
  • The design in the style of Provence bronze faucet for the sink, Jacuzzi, bidet or bath, will not only make it more convincing, but will also add to the design an element of French charm;
  • retro-style can not do without decorative elements and plumbing items with different shades of bronze;
  • vintage style, using a competent combination of modern design trends and the noble color of bronze faucets for the kitchen or bathroom, completes the harmonious fusion of the most diverse stylistic lines;
  • even for interior decoration in high-tech style, creative designers can profitably use bronze and faucets that have such a coating for a bath.




Today it is possible to purchase not only mixers, but also shower stands with a bronze coating. The use of sanitary devices with bronze coating makes the interior of a bathroom or kitchen unusually sophisticated and respectable. As decoration of kitchen and shower devices for water supply it is very often used:

  • silver and gilded decorations;
  • inserts of expensive natural wood;
  • rhinestones and pearl details;
  • handmade enamel.

Specialized retail chains and online store pages offer a huge range of bronze sanitary ware for the kitchen and bathroom premises. Today it is possible to install sanitary equipment for shower cabins, baths or kitchens with high-quality bronze coating, which will fully perform its functional tasks, serve for a long time and bring aesthetic pleasure.