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Self-painted ceiling without stains: simple technology


Independently to achieve the desired result when painting the ceiling is not easy, but if you know how to properly paint the ceilings, comfort and freshness of your home are guaranteed. The ceiling is painted in several stages. Before painting the whitewashed ceiling, remove the chalk or lime layer: wet the ceiling abundantly, scrape the wet whitewash with a spatula or chisel, wash the surface.

Most recently, many preferred to whiten ceilings, but whitewashing quickly lost its aesthetic appearance and created a lot of problems when applied. Leadership in the issue of painting the ceiling passed to the water-based paint.

We decided that this kind of coverage you like and painting the ceiling with your own hands you can? Choose a paint. Prepare a paint brush for butt joints and a narrow “correction” brush. Are you thinking about how to paint the ceiling with a roller? Then you will need a roller with a long nap and a ditch for paint.

How to paint the ceiling with acrylic paint

Much depends on the composition prepared for painting. Thick paint will not hide the joints between the strips of painting. Dilute the paint with water to the consistency recommended by the manufacturer, mix it with a mixer.

The film covering the surface does not need to be mixed with liquid paint - it is not able to dissolve. Even after prolonged mixing, you get a composition with lumps. The film must be removed, filter the remaining paint and then mix.

Moisture Resistant Ceilings

In each dwelling there are rooms with high humidity. We will understand how to paint the ceiling in the bathroom and how to paint the ceiling in the kitchen.

The best choice in these cases - water dispersion paint. In the kitchen, paint the ceiling, focusing on the window, and in the bathroom, at the preparation stage, place the lamp where it will be after the repair is completed. This is necessary to consider all the irregularities, because you want to get a ceiling that would look perfect with constant lighting.

Plasterboard ceiling painting

Talk about how to paint the ceiling of plasterboard, special. For this case, suitable, according to experts, water-based and water-dispersion paints. Careful attention should be paid to the primer joints drywall. When filling the seams of the surface will require additional materials, for example, serpyanka - tape for the reinforcement of the seams.

Important! If you are using non-solid parts of the serpyanka, glue them overlap.

Putty is applied with a large spatula. Then, if necessary, the surface is treated with sandpaper, and a primer is applied. Field of action prepared. How to paint a plasterboard ceiling? Start with the abutment areas of the hinged ceiling to the walls and corners. To do this, use a brush. Paint not "back and forth", but pokes. This method will not leave streaks and streaks.

Paint for wallpaper choose depending on their type. Any dyeing compound will be suitable for glass wall paper, for a non-woven base wallpaper only water-dispersion paint. Before painting the wallpaper on the ceiling, de-energize the room.

Paper and glass wall paper is painted in the usual way. Structural non-woven can be painted with latex paint on the back side before sticking to the ceiling. The non-woven base of the wallpaper will stain, and the front side will remain white and stand out against the colored background.

A similar effect is achieved by painting pasted non-woven wallpaper. Paint in this case, make it more fluid. Use a clean cloth to wipe the dye from the surface of the structure. When the wallpaper is dry, the protruding pattern can be tinted with a different color of paint.

Stretch ceilings: painting - not painting

It would seem that the production technology of stretch ceilings does not provide for their further painting, but it is possible to paint the stretch ceiling. True, only the fabric. And no more than 5 times, otherwise the canvas will sag under the weight of paint.

The coloring process itself is uncomplicated. It is possible to apply latex paint with a foam roller. It is cheap and the quality is not up to par. When using a spray gun, costs increase, but the result is excellent.

The ceiling of PVC film is not suitable for applying paint. It will eventually drain from the canvas, the ceiling will sag and lose elasticity.

The maximum effect when painting the ceiling can be achieved using an airbrush. They are of three types - manual, electric and pneumatic. Using these units is easy. The main thing is to know how to paint the ceiling with an airbrush.

When adding an additional color, the paint should be thoroughly mixed and filtered. It is recommended to use a respirator, because in the process of work in the air there will be particles of the coloring mixture. Before painting the nozzle of the spray gun, take it aside and make a test run to release accumulated air and dirt from the hose.

Saw a uniform flow of paint, get down to work. Direct the nozzle to the surface of the ceiling at a distance of half a meter, press the "start". Direct paint stream perpendicular to the ceiling.

You learned how to paint the ceiling with your own hands, got acquainted with many of the "ceiling" subtleties. You yourself even painted your ceiling, but ... It turned out not quite as we would like. How to fix the defects of the painted ceiling? How to eliminate dark spots?

You can apply another thin coat of paint or walk on the ceiling with sandpaper, clean the dust and paint the "fixed" surface. It helped - it means you are lucky. Spots and stains are not eliminated - you will have to start work from the very beginning. Once again in practice, learn how to paint the ceiling without a divorce.