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Ceramic mixer: features and key secrets


Property owners today are increasingly placing high demands on the materials and equipment used in the interior. Special attention - to the plumber: no one wants to change the taps every year or watch the water going through the counter through the crumpled rubber gasket of the bathroom faucet. In addition to technical requirements, plumbing equipment should fit perfectly into the design of the kitchen or bathroom. That is why ceramic faucets for kitchen and bathroom today have become popular all over the world. They are produced by many leading manufacturers of plumbing, which allows you to choose a model in accordance with their tastes and financial capabilities.



Features of ceramics and its use in sanitary equipment

Ceramics has proved its practicality to humanity for several millennia of use of this material. Among its advantages:

  • hygiene;
  • esthetically attractive appearance;
  • wide range of colors;
  • long service life;
  • plasticity of the material allows you to give the pottery a variety of forms.

All this allows the use of ceramics in the manufacture of buildings, spouts, valves and levers taps. An innovative solution is its use in the production of internal elements that provide water supply and regulation.

It has ceramics and a number of drawbacks. Despite the fact that it is a durable material, it is fragile and blows with heavy objects, such as a ceramic pan, can cause chipping. Another disadvantage of the product is its price: a simple herringbone mixer made of ceramic can cost several times more expensive than a brass counterpart. Despite this - the products are in high demand because of their practicality and impeccable appearance.

A classic ceramic blender can be of two types: single-lever or two-valve. Single lever design is easy to control: with a flick of the wrist you can change the pressure and temperature, which is important when working in the kitchen. That is why 80% of housewives give preference to such kitchen taps. Manufacturers complete their products with ceramic cartridges, which are designed for hundreds of thousands of opening and closing cycles. This allows you to operate single-lever models for 10-15 years.

Ceramics kitchen faucets seem archaic, but it is in this material that they find their second life. Impeccable design makes it demanded when designing a kitchen in the Baroque or Rococo style, postmodernism or art noir. Some mixers fit only such mixers. In the bathroom, the ability to precisely adjust the water temperature is important for the faucet and for many it seems possible only with the use of valve faucets.



Ceramic metal mixer

Often there are situations when the seller of sanitary ware offers the buyer a faucet made of nickel-plated brass or steel and at the same time claims that this is the best ceramic faucet for the kitchen. At the same time, it is difficult to catch him in deception, because the whole thing is that the locking and regulating element of such models is made of ceramics. It is so effective that it got its own name - a ceramic faucet and this name became relevant for the mixer, in which such a locking element is installed.

Ceramic faucet is created from aluminum oxide, this material is resistant to scratches and has a long service life. In addition, this type of ceramics has a low friction force due to the occurrence of intermolecular interaction. This allows you to create from it all the main elements of the locking mechanism. Some manufacturers took advantage of the features of the material and developed cranes from two plates or discs that are distinguished by their simplicity of design.

Ceramic taps for washbasins have the following advantages:

  • opening or closing requires minimal physical force;
  • the minimum angle of rotation for opening at full head power;
  • low noise level at work;
  • reliability during operation;
  • hygiene;
  • durability.

Ceramic taps have serious drawbacks - they are not recommended for use in water pipes, in which there are a lot of solid suspended particles. By itself, ceramics are resistant to their effects, but if they fall between the discs, then depressurization occurs during friction. As a result, the mixer will have to be changed much earlier than the manufacturer promised.

Purchase of sanitary equipment is a crucial stage in the repair of a house or apartment, especially when it comes to quite expensive ceramic faucets. It is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters and characteristics:

  • the height of the spout - the bigger it is, the more convenient it is to wash the dishes in the sink or head in the sink. On the other hand, water falling from a height causes splashes to appear throughout the kitchen. The best option for a high spout is a deep sink without a flat bottom;
  • retractable hose equipment - such a design can be an alternative to a high spout, as the hose can effectively wash and rinse even the largest pans or wash your head more comfortably in the bathroom sink;
  • crane design - as already mentioned, valve models can be used for the bathroom, there is practically no alternative to a single-lever design for the kitchen;
  • shape and design - ceramics is a plastic material that allows you to create mixers with spouts of futuristic forms. The admirers of the classics, to whom manufacturers will offer a wide choice of products in any traditional style, will not be left without attention. Connoisseurs of high-tech most suitable combination models, in which, in addition to ceramics, nickel-plated steel is used - one of the main design materials of this style;
  • color - ceramic faucets are a great opportunity to pick up a faucet that perfectly matches the colors of a sink, sink or kitchen tile. Manufacturers produce not only white or beige models, but also mixers of black, cream, pink, blue, green color.

Do not forget when choosing a ceramic mixer and technical innovations that delight buyers plumbing manufacturers. Infrared sensors, thermostats, electronic control - all this is present in models of ceramics.




How to extend the life of the ceramic mixer?

The relevance of the issue of increasing the service life of ceramic mixers is due to various factors. Among them - improper installation, the mass of counterfeit products, errors in operation. First of all - you need to buy mixers of well-known, proven manufacturers with a good reputation. Among them are German, Spanish and French companies such as Grohe, Hansgrohe, Roca, Jacob Delafon. All products of these brands are carefully monitored, and innovative technologies used in the production allow to obtain technically reliable products.

Before calculating the mixer you like - you need to carefully check it for the absence of cracks, cavities, chips. A quality faucet will have serious weight, unlike counterfeit counterfeits. Installation of mixers should be entrusted to professionals who are more careful with equipment and are familiar with all the nuances of its installation.




If we are talking about a city apartment and water from a centralized source, then you need to take care of the filters at the entrance to the mixer. The appearance of suspended matter in water will lead to premature wear of the valves of the valves. Do not care for the surface of the ceramic mixer with abrasives. The important point is that when operating valve mixers you should not tighten the taps with maximum effort - this will contribute to wear of the crane box.



Ceramic faucets are not only sophisticated equipment in the kitchen or bathroom. They are highly practical, long service life. This is an innovative solution that will increase the degree of comfort when working in the kitchen or taking hygienic procedures in the bathroom. With proper selection and priority in favor of leading manufacturers, such mixers fully justify the investment in them.