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Christmas decorations made of paper: do-it-yourself decor (53 photos)

The New Year is approaching and gradually each house acquires colorful decorations. To do this, use lights, tinsel, Christmas decorations. More and more, you can see handmade decorations made of paper for the New Year. They are becoming popular because the process of their production turns into a fun pastime with the family. The room becomes more colorful, and the decoration of paper pleases. Another advantage is the low cost of finished products.

Paper can make various decorations. It can be:

  • Garlands of white and colored paper.
  • Christmas decorations.
  • Snowflakes on the windows or floating in the air under the ceiling.
  • Various vytynanki.
  • Ded Moroz and Snegurochka.
  • And even herringbone.

And this is not the whole list of paper decorations that can be made for the New Year.

Paper garland

The simplest and most common garland is the "chain".

To create it, it is necessary to make blanks of the same size from colored paper. Next, assemble a chain of strips, gradually creating its links. The result will be a beautiful garland, the creation of which can be done even for small children.

Paper ball garland

The garland from multi-colored balls will look beautiful. To create it you need to prepare:

  • Colored paper (you can not monophonic).
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing machine.

To create one ball, you need to cut out 6 identical circles of different colors from paper. Folding them in one stack to stitch on a typewriter. Without cutting the thread, flash a few more of the same blanks. Next, gently at the site of the seam, bend each leaf so that they form a ball. Thus, it turns out a garland of paper balls on a string.

Garland of flags

Since childhood, many people remember the garlands of flags. They can be hung not only on the Christmas tree, but also to decorate the walls of the room with them.

For their manufacture it is necessary to prepare:

  • Thick thread.
  • Colored paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Applications.
  • Hole puncher.

From the paper should be cut a lot of multi-colored flags, preferably one size. Next, stick on them different applications. You can use letters from paper of another color and put the words "Happy New Year 2019!". Each flag on top puncture hole punch. In the resulting holes skip the thread and tighten, evenly distribute the flags. A garland of paper is ready. It can be hung from the ceiling or along the wall.

Christmas decorations

To decorate the Christmas tree can be made and original Christmas toys made of paper. These can be round, oval or carved balls. Below are examples where step by step their production is described.

Option 1

To create a Christmas tree toys will need:

  • Color paper.
  • Scissors.
  • 2 beads.
  • Thread and needle.

From paper cut 18 strips of the same size (approximately 10 cm long). Depending on what toy you want to get, choose the color of the paper. It can be monophonic or multi-colored. Cut 2 small circles. Put a bead on the thread and insert both its ends into the eye of the needle. String a circle, then in order each strip. When done, do the same action with the other end of the strip. Dress up the second circle and bead. Fasten the thread to remove the loop on which the toy will hang. Carefully, according to the principle of a fan, to straighten the strips, you get a paper ball. If it is made of one color, you can decorate it with rhinestones or flowers.

Option 2

To make a Christmas tree toy you need to cut out of colored paper identical circles. Fold in a pile, draw a line with a pencil in diameter. Next, stapler along the line to fasten a stack of circles. A drop of glue to glue the circles, alternating between the top and bottom. Having passed in a circle and connecting all the leaves, you will get a Christmas tree toy - a ball.


To decorate the window, you can cut a beautiful snowflake out of paper and stick it on the glass. They can make several pieces and different sizes, thereby creating the appearance of snowfall outside the window.

Thus decorate all the windows of the house.

To make such snowflakes you will need:

  • The scheme of the future snowflakes.
  • Paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Soapy water.

On the Internet today you can find countless schemes of snowflakes, so the difficulty in choosing it should not arise. The paper should be transferred with a pencil scheme and cut strictly according to it. Unfolding the paper, it turns out a beautiful snowflake, which can be glued to the glass with soapy water.

If there is a desire to hang such decoration under the ceiling, you can use the rain. At its one end to attach a snowflake, and the other - to the ceiling. When moving in a room under the ceiling will be circling snow.

You can make a snowflake using quilling technique. There are detailed step-by-step master classes on how to make them on the Internet, so even a beginner can easily learn how to make openwork paper snowflakes. Their delicate lace curls will please the eye and give a festive mood.


Vytynaki are beautiful volumetric figures that look great as a decoration of a house or on a Christmas tree. They can also be presented as a small present for the New Year to their families and friends.

To create a lot is not necessary. You will need a printout of the future vytynanka, stationery knife and glue.

On the Internet there are many templates for creating vytynanki, it remains only to print it in two copies and you can begin to make it. Under the template, put the board and carefully cut each specified hole with a stationery knife. Only the bottom must be left a little space for fasteners.

The resulting two figures glue. From above - to each other, and from the bottom to make fasteners and secure them with glue. It will turn out beautiful and tracery figure.

Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

The New Year is snow, lights, a Christmas tree and, of course, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Every year they take pride of place under the New Year's beauty. If there are no worthy figures of your favorite holiday characters, you can make them yourself their papers. Below is the process of their manufacture. For this you will need:

  • White paper.
  • Cardboard red and blue.
  • Compass.
  • Pencil.
  • The core of the handle.
  • Paints.
  • Markers
  • Glue.

Snow Maiden

From a blue cardboard cut a circle and cut it from one side to the middle. Twist the cone out of it and glue it together.

Cut a piece of cardboard in the form of a dome, make a cut in the middle of the bottom. Bend a little edge. Dress the resulting kokoshnik on a cone and glue curved edges to it.

The face of the Snow Maiden can be drawn on the cone itself, and you can cut a circle and glue it on the cone. Back to draw a long and thick braid.

From white paper cut into strips, which in turn cut like a fringe. Use the handle bar to wind it up.

Fringe to decorate the coat of the Snow Maiden on the hem, sleeves, place fasteners. You can also make cilia. Paints to draw mittens, designate buttons and decorate a finger. Snow Maiden is ready.

Santa Claus

As for the Snow Maiden, make a cone for Santa Claus from red cardboard. Just make it a little bigger. Paint colors face, hat and mittens.

Fringed make a beard, eyebrows and a coat of Santa Claus. On the coat you can draw small snowflakes thereby decorate it. Santa Claus is ready.

Christmas trees

There are many ways to create a Christmas tree out of paper. Below are the most common ones.

Option 1

For its manufacture you will need green cardboard, glue, rhinestones, ribbon and scissors. On the cardboard should draw the most common silhouette of a Christmas tree, cut it. Make another one exactly the same.

Vertically exactly in the middle bend both in half. Glue them to the fold. Decorate the Christmas tree with rhinestones. Attach a ribbon at the top. It turned out a funny Christmas tree, which you can decorate a real tree or put on the table.

Option 2

Probably the easiest way to make a Christmas tree from corrugated paper. To do this, make a cone of cardboard. To it, starting from the bottom, attach strips of corrugated paper with a stapler. Gradually, each strip will cover the place of attachment of the previous one. It is better if the corrugated paper will be green, but several shades. The resulting Christmas tree can be decorated with rhinestones or beads.

Make Christmas toys out of paper will not be difficult. On the contrary, this process will appeal to all family members. Fun pastime, as well as beautiful jewelry, made with your own hands, will cheer up throughout the holidays.