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Glossy furniture in the interior - a fascinating shine (31 photos)

A few decades ago it was very easy to determine the design of furniture - everything was simple, affordable and the same. Now there is an opportunity to purchase glossy furniture for the house, which has always been in great demand among the owners due to its aesthetic appeal.

Exclusive home furniture

Furniture with a glossy surface is original and stylish. According to the majority, very few people would risk purchasing modern glossy furniture, since it is impractical, boring and uncomfortable, and it is also difficult to care for it. However, designers refute this statement, as modern developers produce versatile and luxurious options in different colors and shades. This design will certainly add to any room of uniqueness, originality and style. What only is white glossy bedroom furniture that can create a romantic and aristocratic style.

Gloss looks expensive, so it is able to emphasize the refinement of taste and the status of the owner. And thanks to modern tools that can be purchased at any household chemical store - care for glossy surfaces is simplified many times.

The glossy effect is a symbol of brevity and statism, and light colors (beige, white, peach and light gray) personify purity, tranquility and beauty.

The glossy effect visually increases the space, thanks to the mirror highlights that appear with natural and artificial lighting.

“On the glossy surface, there will always be traces and stains,” - this is what most of the housewives think, but if you look after them properly, beautiful furniture will only please the eye.

The important question remains about the durability and quality of glossy furniture, as well as the preservation of the perfect appearance, so manufacturers recommend wiping the surface with chemical agents twice a month, and a soft semi-damp cloth every three days. Frequent care products that contain active chemical components can eventually destroy the glossy layer, so it should be done only as needed.

Thanks to the glossy furniture, you can create a fabulous interior in an apartment, house, office or other room.

Most of all such furniture is suitable for a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room. When choosing kitchen surfaces, it is better to prefer strict shades (burgundy, red, brown, dark green, dark blue), and light colors (white, blue, beige, light yellow or sandy) are ideal for the bathroom.

It is not recommended to install such furniture in the nursery, because there is a high probability that children will quickly spoil it, especially small ones, and care for it will become more frequent several times.

Glossy Kitchen

Having started repairs in the kitchen, each owner is faced with a choice of practical and beautiful furniture and in most cases gives preference to glossy, since this is not only a new trend in interior fashion, but also a seductive glamorous shine that will not leave anyone indifferent.

The fashion for gloss has appeared recently, but in this short period he managed to become a sales leader, gaining popularity every year.

Glossy surface, unlike matte, is not capable of accumulating dirt in itself (this is especially true of the kitchen, since the risk of contamination of furniture in this room is the highest).

For lovers of glamor and originality, the glossy kitchen is the perfect option. However, everywhere you need to know the measure, so it is important not to overdo it with shiny surfaces, otherwise the interior will be spoiled by an excess of gloss. For example, the doors from the wall and floor cabinets, as well as from the fridge with a glossy effect, take place, and the "working" kitchen surfaces and the dining table should be made dull. This design option of the kitchen looks spectacular, practical and original.

Designers recommend choosing a pearl luster for the kitchen space, where water splashes, greasy marks and stains will not be so noticeable.

When creating an interior, it is important to harmoniously arrange the shiny surfaces: you need to do this on the same principle as with bright shades.

As for the ceiling, it is better to give preference to matt tension, so as not to overdo it with glitter. Walls and work surfaces should also be as calm as possible. Glossy furniture goes well with metal objects, plastic, glass and enamel. However, in order to avoid excessive gloss in the interior is not recommended to use mirrors.

The main advantages of glossy furniture

Modern furniture, which is made to order, allows designers to perfectly fit into the interior of the room, creating a minimalist and harmonious style. Quite effectively, it looks from the walls of wood or walnut. You can highlight the main advantages of gloss:

  • Light reflection In the house there should be full lighting: artificial and natural, coming from the windows in the daytime. Unfortunately, electricity is now expensive and not everyone has the opportunity to use lamps for several light bulbs. The problem with excessive darkening in the room can be solved by installing furniture with a glossy surface. The light falling on it is not absorbed, but rather reflected, illuminating everything around. Moreover, the type of lighting for the gloss does not matter. To increase the light-reflecting effect, it is recommended to purchase light-colored furniture.
  • Visual increase in space. Gloss is a unique solution for the design of small spaces. In this case, such furniture "works" according to the principle of a mirror, but does not reflect all objects around. Modular furniture for the living room will visually expand a small space, and due to the reflective effect will add additional lighting. It is not recommended to glue dark wallpaper in small rooms, because then the glossy furniture will not be able to fully perform the function of expanding the space.
  • Tribute to fashion. If you are not lagging behind fashion trends and want to stand out, then such furniture is what you need. The glossy furniture for the living room in modern style is replete with rich decor, playing with colors and textures. Therefore, gloss is a modern solution that characterizes the financial situation of the owner. Interior items in the modern style should, first of all, be aesthetically attractive and multifunctional. However, if you make a choice in favor of simple furniture - this does not mean that it will look uninteresting. After all, the glossy style became popular only because of its simplicity - luxury, comfort and style are on a par with it.

The harmonious combination of simplicity and practicality offers this style of furniture for the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. Now there is a huge choice of texture, design, style and color, besides there is an opportunity to order an individual project, depending on the particular room, the available budget and, of course, the personal wishes of the customer. Therefore, in our time it is difficult to meet the owner, who has acquired standard furniture, without aesthetic delights, having all the possibilities.