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Garden swings: recommendations for choice (30 photos)


Country swing is an integral attribute of the garden plot. Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of these products. It differs in various design, material of production and quality of accessories. Going to the store, it is extremely important to correctly select the desired model. Garden swings to give should be reliable and comfortable. The main characteristics of the structures are:

  • Load level It can reach up to 300 kg.
  • The weight of the model is from 15 to 70 kilograms.
  • The presence of pillows, armrests, awning, mosquito nets, etc.).
  • Frame material (wood, metal).
  • Seat material and upholstery.
  • Features of the manufacture of the backrest. It can be two-position or adjustable.
  • Seats, dimensions.




Advantages of a country swing

Comfortable and functional swings will decorate any cottage. This design does not take up much space. It can be installed on any surface. It is equipped with a special coating that helps protect against adverse environmental factors.

Suspended swing for the suburban area are made using modern technology, therefore, are characterized by convenience and ergonomics.

The design can be left overnight. It will be enough to cover the awning. Products can be installed at the beginning of the spring season, dismantled at the end of autumn. They are suitable for a variety of climatic conditions.

There are various types of garden swings. The classic model is presented in the form of a swing, which is suspended using chains or rigid rods.

Garden swing made of metal are in high demand. They are perfectly combined with wood, forging, polycarbonate inserts. It is preferable to choose models with a visor. It should be wide and low to provide reliable protection against rain.



Garden swings made of wood are more expensive than metal products. This design looks respectable. The design of the model of wood perfectly fit into the garden area. Wood combines all the delights of warm weather and comfort. It is extremely important that the wood construction was of high quality and durable. Perfectly fit models of such wood species as cedar, larch, oak, birch, pine. Wooden swings for giving are classified into frame, suspended and scale models.



Wood constructions must be carefully maintained. Every year the garden swing tree should be treated with a special compound. Wooden garden swings are practical and versatile. They are environmentally friendly and easy to install. Such designs need special placement. Above the product have a special awning or canopy, which will help protect against the influence of adverse factors. On metal elements it is necessary to exclude the development of rust. Loads must be commensurate.



Plastic specimens are used much less frequently. This is an economical option for a garden. Such models are not suitable for adults, as they are able to withstand low loads. At high temperatures, the design can release toxic substances into the atmosphere.

Buying a swing for the little ones deserves special attention. For children, manufacturers make special models designed for preschool and primary school age.



Children's swing for giving differ from adult designs first of all in geometrical parameters. The maximum permissible load should not exceed 100 kilograms. If you assume that your child will be riding with his friends, brothers or sisters, then it is advisable to choose models that will withstand a weight of at least 75 kilograms.

The most common form of a swing for a child is a U-shaped support with seats, back and armrests.

For child modifications are high security measures. It is extremely important that the child could not accidentally fall out of the hanging chair. There must be a footrest and front protective plate. This applies to garden structures that are designed for the smallest. For children of primary school age, you can choose models without the above devices.

There are various types of garden models, depending on the method of mounting the movable part of the product. A large number of people are aware of horizontal structures. They are distinguished by the presence of long crossbars with a fulcrum located in the middle part. For the operation of this model will require two people with about the same weight, which sit on both parts. Products equipped with a vertical hanger are mainly used for individual use.



Based on the parameters and dimensions, they also distinguish various types of structures. For the whole family, it is preferable to use a comfortable seat, made in the form of a bench. It has a back and helps to stay in comfort. If this is a child seat, then you need to take care of the presence of a belt for fixation. Also today you can purchase portable models. They are characterized by mobility and ease of operation. The color scheme can be varied. Often used natural shades - green, brown colors.



In order to design the garden swing lasts as long as possible, pay attention to the water-repellent properties of the upholstery of the bed or chair. It should be pleasant to the touch. Separately, you should clarify the upholstery filler, ask about its environmental safety.

If metal elements are present, they should not be thin. Thin metal is easily broken and deformed. The design of the swing should be reliably protected from tipping over.



Today, the consumer market is represented by a large variety of models. Each buyer will be able to choose for themselves the best suitable option. In order to make the right choice, it is advisable to take into account a large number of factors. It is necessary that the purchased model was practical, functional, had an attractive design and was safe.