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Moving the kitchen to different areas of the house and apartment: the main difficulties (22 photos)


The decision on the redevelopment of housing and the transfer of the kitchen is made by the owners of apartments and houses for various reasons. Most often, the transfer is carried out in order to increase living space or create the most convenient arrangement of rooms.

Moving the kitchen into the hallway is not an easy task. The first step is to measure the area of ​​the rooms and make a redevelopment plan. You should make sure that all the furniture, stove and refrigerator fit. In some cases, used re-equipment of partitions, as well as the movement of communications.

Do not start construction work before permission to transfer the kitchen is obtained.

Apartment redevelopment is not an easy task, requiring a lot of time, money and effort. However, if you act carefully, make a competent plan, the repair will be faster, and the result will bring joy to homeowners.

In order to protect the neighbors from below, you should choose a non-residential area for the kitchen. However, if this is not possible, additional measures should be taken, otherwise the redevelopment plan will not receive approval.

To get permission to move the kitchen into the living room, you need to take a number of measures: lay a layer of waterproofing material on the floor, install exhaust ventilation, make sure that the ventilation system of the kitchen is not combined with the ventilation of the bathroom.

In accordance with Russian law, the transfer of a gas stove to a bedroom or living room is strictly prohibited. Obtain permission for redevelopment is possible only when installing an electric oven.

The best option to increase the area is considered to be the combination of a kitchen and a balcony, but this is not always possible. To combine a kitchen with a balcony, you need:

  1. Glaze and insulate the balcony;
  2. To dismantle the doors, do the wiring communications;
  3. Design the walls, floor and ceiling, move the furniture.

To carry out the transfer of the kitchen to the loggia without combining with the room, you need to make sure that it is possible to carry out the sewer pipe. When bringing the kitchen hood to the balcony, you need to install special valves.



In what cases redevelopment of the kitchen is not allowed?

In order to carry out the transfer of the kitchen into the room, you need to make sure that such redevelopment will be recognized as legal. Inconsistent redevelopment can have sad consequences - you can put yourself and your neighbors at risk.

The problems that arise when transferring a kitchen to another room relate not only to the difficulty of connecting communications and electricity, but also to the possibility of collapsing a part of the building, which is often encountered when moving a kitchen to a balcony without BTI permission.



The transfer of the kitchen may be prohibited in several cases:

  • Moving the kitchen to the room above which is a bathroom above the floor, can be a big trouble for homeowners. Permission for such redevelopment can be obtained only if the apartment has two levels or is on the last floor;
  • If on the ground floor under the room in which you plan to make a kitchen, there is a living room. The main rule that is observed during the construction of multi-storey buildings - residential and non-residential premises are located strictly under each other;
  • The lack of a window with a window opening is the main cause of refusal failures. However, this applies to kitchens that install gas equipment.

The main problem is that the kitchen is recognized non-residential premises. Owners of apartments on the first floor have a great advantage over the others - they can carry out redevelopment as they like.

If you plan to move the kitchen to another room, hallway or hall, you must coordinate the redevelopment plan with the BTI. Transfer is allowed if the kitchen is located above and below the territory of corridors, storage rooms or other non-residential areas of an apartment building.

It is too late for many apartment owners to think that when transferring a kitchen, it is necessary to bring all communications and ensure the drain to the sewage system.

Designers offer a large number of options for redevelopment of the apartment and transfer the kitchen to another room. If the budget is limited, the best way is to demolish the load-bearing walls and merge several rooms, as well as zoning using partitions.