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Bright color accents in the interior: the subtleties of placement (29 photos)


It is possible to revive the interior, create a positive mood and comfort in it by adding bright accents to it. Under the color accents refers to objects that differ from the main tone of the interior. In the role of such items can be a variety of decor items, textile elements, furniture, plants and much more. If you want to diversify a neutral interior, filling it with freshness, originality, bright accents will help to easily realize this goal. The main thing is to decide on the chosen style, individual preferences and other important points.



The average interior of modern rooms is mainly presented in pastel colors. Furniture is made, as a rule, in chocolate and beige colors. This color scheme is universal and does not bother for a long time. You can upgrade or revive a familiar interior with the help of rich furniture and various accessories that will effectively harmonize against the background of neutral colors.

Even an insignificant bright element can bring newness and spectacularity into the room. Bright and catchy palette is acceptable in various rooms.

Especially it will be relevant in the kitchen, in the interior of the living room, in the children's room. Even if your plans do not include the purchase of new furniture, you can easily transform the space with the help of various accessories: candlesticks, vases, pillows, paintings and much more. Also, if you wish, you can show imagination and transform the furniture that is already in the apartment or house.



It has long been proven that bright colors help improve mood and make a person a little happier. In this regard, if your mood is sad, and you lack positive emotions, then by adding bright colors, you can change the perception of the world for the better.

Before you place bright accents in the interior, you need to decide on the color. It is necessary to choose not a shade from the range already presented in the interior, namely color. The end result depends on several options:

  • Warm and cold palette. If the room is executed mainly in warm colors (beige, sand, orange, peach, brown), then a cold shade should be chosen as a juicy accent. So the warmth of the room will be emphasized and the space will be cooled a little. And, on the contrary, the interior of cool color will look advantageous if it is diluted with objects made in warm color.
  • Use of "complementary" scheme. With this method of transforming the interior, the room can be powerfully charged with strong energy. This scheme is relevant for rooms where a large number of people accumulate. These rooms include living rooms, kitchens, games. In the role of additional colors are used shades that are opposite each other. In the role of accent color, apply one that is optional for the main gamut. For example, if the room is made in orange color, then the blue and blue palette should play the role of bright accents.
  • Using "analog" circuit. This option is perfect for quiet rooms, where harmony and comfort reign. In order to translate this idea into reality, you need to give preference to the palette, which is next to the primary and secondary colors. If the room is made in blue, it is advisable to choose green shades. The interior of the peach color scheme can be transformed using the berry range.
  • Neutral interior and accents. If the interior is executed in a restrained color range, then you can use any palette. If desired, you can apply multiple colors at once to create bright spots.

Kitchen: how to correctly set bright accents?

With the help of bright accents you can easily change the familiar kitchen interior. The kitchen is an important place in any home. In this regard, its interior should be harmonious and comfortable.



The color scheme of the walls, ceiling, kitchen furniture is extremely important. It is necessary to select it taking into account the parameters of the room, lighting, interior style. It should be remembered that dark colors make the kitchen visually smaller, and light, on the contrary, more.

With the help of a cold palette, you can create a pleasant atmosphere of coolness and freshness in the interior of the kitchen.

They need to be used in rooms that are facing south. If the illumination of the room is insufficient, then it is desirable to choose warm or soothing shades. Warm colors will help add room comfort and warmth.



If you correctly place bright accents in the interior, it will play in a new way, it will look original and attractive. Accents can be placed using a variety of bright objects: textiles, dishes, furniture. If the room is small, it is enough to use one catchy element. Remember that saturated colors should have simple geometric shapes. In this regard, it is better not to use elaborate and overly original furniture. So the space may seem congested. Ideal - the game of contrasts. Do not use more than two or three bright elements in the room.



Recently, kitchen interior design, which has an elegant white color, is in high demand. This color is perfect for any style decision. The white interior looks sophisticated and stylish. However, if there is a lot of white color in the kitchen, then the person begins to tire quickly. The bright kitchens diluted with juicy spots will look very fresh and fashionable.



The kitchen in light gray colors looks noble and luxurious. It perfectly harmonizes with violet, pink, bright blue colors. An original and beautiful kitchen of neutral color combined with bright green, red, orange accents.



Saturated colors in the kitchen perform not only a decorative function. So, red and orange colors stimulate appetite. A blue, green shades, on the contrary, it muffles. This decor is a great solution for those who want to get rid of extra pounds.



Psychological aspects of bright accents in the interior

Any element of the decor in the room can act as a bright accent. Crisp inclusions help add space to a small room, filling it with originality. Bright spots fill with freshness, originality and comfort. With an accent philosophy with minimal material costs, you can change the style of the interior. For example, the living room can be changed beyond recognition, if you add a stylish and spectacular panel, flashy sofa cushions, original vases. Bright accents will be particularly appropriate in a neutral interior. The main thing is to correctly observe proportional balance. If you overplay a bright gamut of a room, then, being in it, a person will quickly tire.



Choosing a rich palette for the interior, you should not be guided only by fashion trends. It is advisable to put your own preferences first. With the help of a bright palette, an apartment owner can easily demonstrate his individuality, unique taste, making the interior complete. Guests and loved ones will be happy to spend time in the room, where rich colors blend harmoniously with the main palette.

Separate attention is deserved with flower accents. With their help, you can create a special comfort in the room.

They delight the eye. With the help of colors you can decorate the wallpaper. Art panels and various vinyl stickers are very popular. Will look very nice on the wallpaper in bright colors of the image in pink.



Bright gamma charges with a positive mood, gives vivacity and comfort. It is possible to arrange bright points indoors in various places. Saturated color helps to give the decor originality. In the role of a bright spot in the room can act as the wall itself.



Today it is very fashionable to use lamps. They fill the room with a warm or cool color, giving it comfort.



Preferring bright accents in the interior, it is necessary to ensure their relevance. The choice of color is not an easy task, it does not like fuss. Competently picking up bright accents, you can fill the room with fresh attractive paint.