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Easter decor: traditional motifs (33 photos)


Easter is a big holiday, so preparation for it is always serious, both in terms of observing old traditions, and in terms of creating a festive atmosphere. The peculiarity of this holiday is the decoration of the table and interior decoration. It will not do without well-known painted eggs and fragrant Easter cake, as these dishes are not only the main ones on the holiday table, but are also used as a decorating element.




Before you begin decorating the room, you must give it a special style. The traditions of celebrating Easter in our country are practically no different from European ones, however there are some peculiarities. For example, in the West, the symbol of this Orthodox holiday is the Easter Bunny, and we have painted eggs. That is why it is important to determine the style of decoration.

Create a mysterious atmosphere and add bright colors to the interior will allow fresh wild flowers. Small bouquets in miniature vases or stands, personifying spring and warmth, will wonderfully complement any interior.

Nowadays, Easter wreaths made up of plants, flowers, natural materials and other decorating elements are popular - they can be purchased at specialized decoration stores or made with your own hands. This will require hot glue, selected items, wire, stickers, buttons and beads.

Such wreaths wonderfully decorate doors, a festive table and walls, and can also be presented as a gift to friends and relatives. Together with a wreath of living plants you give a good and festive mood.




The original idea of ​​the decor is the Easter garland, which can be created from any available means. For the manufacture of such garlands used decorative quail eggs (foam or plastic), figures of animals and birds, symbolizing Easter (rabbits, chickens or birds). Such a garland will not leave anyone indifferent, forcing them to draw attention to themselves. You can decorate the surface of the room (tables, cabinets, shelves) with willow branches, creating imitated nests and baskets decorated with fabric toys in the form of birds, eggs and flowers.




Previously, spring was welcomed with the help of spring trees - so why not create them for Easter and decorate them with special attributes! Such trees can be put on the floor, flower stands and other surfaces.




Sewing decorative toys of burlap or other fabric should be given special attention. On the Internet, you can find patterns of absolutely any toys that you like: it is easy to sew them, and ready-made decorations for Easter will please the eye throughout the holiday week. Festive table decoration for Easter is complete without decorative candles in the shape of eggs. They can also be made independently by pouring melted wax into the eggshell.

You can also create mini-vases for snowdrops or other small flowers from an eggshell painted with acrylic paints of gold, silver or yellow.

Do not be afraid to improvise, creating Easter decor from scrap materials - show your imagination, and the result will certainly please you!



By tradition, we are used to dyeing eggs for Easter with food dyes and onion peels, as well as decorating them with special films. All these methods allow you to quickly achieve the expected result, but every year you want to create something original and new.




Experienced designers have created several original ways to decorate eggs:

  • "Old traditions". Boiled eggs in the husks of onions came up with our great-grandmothers, but a little later, people realized that incredibly beautiful “Krashenki” are obtained if they stick miniature flowers, parsley leaves and other elements before boiling. This method of decorating eggs is popular today.
  • Decor of easter eggs yarn. This option of decorating eggs is only suitable if they are not planned to eat. To do this, it is not necessary to use real eggs - they can be easily replaced with plastic or foam ones (they are easy to buy on the eve of a holiday on the market or in any store). It is necessary to glue the yarn to the eggs with hot glue. To get a pattern you need to alternate the colors of the yarn.
  • "Magic confetti". The most affordable and easy way to create bright and attractive Easter eggs. To do this, cut several circles of different sizes from colored or shiny paper and glue them with PVA glue to the eggshell.
  • Bead decorating eggs. This version of the decor of Easter eggs is considered laborious and quite expensive, but the result is worth it. However, now in addition to confectionary dressing, there are sweet beads on sale, which can be used not only to decorate the tops of Easter cakes, but also for eggs as well.
  • Decoupage For many, this method of decorating Easter items is difficult, but in fact there is nothing difficult here. It is enough to find a beautiful napkin with an image of flowers, plants or animals and cut them out, then glue it to the eggshell with glue.
  • Making edible eggs from other products. The eggs will look originally in a chocolate shell, but the filling may consist of cottage cheese and canned peach in the form of a circle, resembling in appearance egg yolk. No guest, especially children, will refuse such delicacy.
  • Simple patterns. You can paint the eggs with ordinary multicolored gel pens or watercolor. A schoolboy will do an excellent job with this task, as he probably practiced it in labor classes.
  • Lace eggs. You can create unique lace patterns with the help of fabric laces, wrapping eggs in them and dipping them in a solution with food coloring.

As you can see, there are many options for decorating Easter eggs. The main thing is to have a rich imagination and boldly involve children in this surprisingly interesting activity. There is nothing more exciting than the participation of little entertainers in creating Easter decor for your home.




Easter decoration for the holiday table

If you have already issued a festive room with Easter attributes, then you can safely proceed to decorating the table. In this case, special attention should be paid to its serving, the choice of cutlery, napkins and the preparation of thematic dishes. In addition to Easter cakes and eggs, you can bake flavored shortbread in the shape of chickens, eggs and rabbits, decorated with colorful glaze and bright confectionery dressing.




Napkins for the holiday table is not necessary to choose with thematic drawings - it is enough to make a hare of them (schemes are available on the Internet). To create a unique festive atmosphere in the room, you can build a small decorative Christmas tree from ordinary brushes for washing bottles and decorate it with wicker baskets or improvised nests with eggs.




If you have the necessary equipment for making clay figurines, then feel free to create whatever your heart desires for Easter. Needlewomen can knit toys, napkins, Easter wreaths and other decorations from yarn. Easter decoration with your own hands from yarn always complements the interior with comfort.





Creating your own home decoration for Easter is a great way to get a festive mood and show your creative abilities. And it is not necessary to use expensive materials and strive to make complex decorating elements, because it is quite realistic to decorate the interior of a room with simple and accessible things. Please yourself and your guests with a cozy holiday home!