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3 ways to decorate a refrigerator (28 photos)


Are you bored with the monotony of your home appliances? Or the appearance of the refrigerator over the years is outdated and does not fit into the interior after a fresh repair? We will talk about inexpensive ways to update the decor of the refrigerator with your own hands.







Decoupage is a decoration technique that originated in France several centuries ago. The bottom line is to glue the carved fragments with an image on the subject of decoration, and then varnish them. This method will make an original thing out of inconspicuous objects.

Painting is a simple and durable way to decorate a refrigerator. To make the old refrigerator a new life, paint it in the color that your kitchen lacks. It may be something bright, standing out from the overall composition. Or pick a shade that blends harmoniously with the color scheme of the room. You can use multiple colors or add patterns. Do not be afraid to experiment, even if you do not know how to draw, stencils will help to easily get neat drawings. Feel free to embody the most insane ideas!



Before painting it is necessary to prepare the surface. To do this, you need to wash the refrigerator, then remove all the handles (if not, wrap them with masking tape). Deep scratches and chips should be sanded. To paint with a brush, paint roller or using an aerosol can. The main thing - do not rush to get uniform layers of paint (there should be from 2 to 5). After each layer should be allowed to dry the previous one.

To spray an aerosol from a distance of 30 cm. It is also convenient for her to make drawings, but if you are afraid that your artistic skills are not enough, make patterns with decorative tape on the painted surface.




In any hardware store or supermarket, bright self-adhesive films are sold. They can be used for finishing various interior items, as well as household appliances and even cars. Pasting a refrigerator with a film is the easiest and most affordable way to decorate. In just a couple of hours, even those who have not done this before will be able to self-glue the refrigerator with film. This option is an alternative for those who want to get an updated look of the kitchen, but cannot spend time on painting or decoupage.







We start by determining the exact amount of material that will be needed for work. It is necessary to measure the height and width of the sides of the electrical device, then calculate the surface area. If you are not sure that you can do everything perfectly on the first try, then buy a little more than meters of vinyl tape. You buy stuff in the store, based on your taste and kitchen interior. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of self-adhesive films: plain, with images of juicy fruits and vegetables, with floral and sea prints, with photos of cats, wild animals and birds. In addition to a rich selection of ready-made solutions, you can order stickers with your own original design.



Before pasting the refrigerator with a film, it is necessary to clean the surface well. Wash it with any detergent, and after drying, wipe with an alcohol-based solution to degrease. Then walk on the surface with a soft, dry cloth - the refrigerator is ready for pasting.



Pasting the refrigerator with vinyl film begins with measuring the exact size of each side. Next, the sheet is spread on a flat surface, the necessary amount is cut from it. The paper base is removed, and the material is glued to the wall of the appliance with a self-adhesive layer. If bubbles appear on the surface of the glued-in cooler, you can try to smooth them out with a soft cloth, moving it from the middle to the edge, or you can pierce the bubble with an ordinary sewing needle and level the film by heating it with a hair dryer.



How to care for the pasted refrigerator

Vinyl is a reliable waterproof material. It means that interior items pasted over with such films can be wiped without fear, just like any other furniture in the house. It is possible to wash the appeared pollution by means of liquid means for washing of ware. However, acid cleaning agents should be avoided.



Magnetic panels

This option is for those who consider pasting too laborious. Instead of a vinyl sticker, you can order a magnetic panel. It will look exactly the same, but the cost will be higher. If you buy a magnetic coating of several colors, then you can easily change them whenever you want. The downside is that they do not adhere to non-flat and non-magnetic surfaces.