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Photowall-paper in a living room interior: we open new horizons (23 photos)


The most active emphasis among modern design techniques is represented by photo wallpapers in the living room interior, which received a new sound and require free space. Creating a similar interior, you should abandon the abundance of furniture and not use other expressive types of decor.




Functional purpose

Selecting photo wallpapers for the living room, a specific goal is set, which can be realized with the help of this modern finishing material by yourself if you have artistic taste:

  • changing spatial perception by creating a sense of perspective;
  • introduction to the decor of the room unusual bright accents;
  • visual disguise imperfect layout;
  • the ability to close an interesting decor nevraznye walls;
  • the introduction of static, dynamic environment, lightness, freshness.




Ways to post

Creating a living room design with photo wallpapers, use different techniques.

  • Finishing with abstract low-key designs can provide a backdrop for placing the TV, which will make the interior self-contained and balanced.
  • An interesting option is to create an accent wall, which is completely pasted over with a bright pattern photo wallpaper, becoming the most expressive dominant element of the interior. Large prints are selected, rich juicy shades that make up a harmonious contrast to the rest of the situation, made in pastel and calm colors. If the interior is initially present brightness, then the wallpaper can be solved in elegant achromatic combinations.
  • When selecting thematic scenes, you can use this decoration to zone a room, highlighting, for example, in the living room, a fireplace area, a workplace or a children's corner.
  • An unusual effect is created by wallpaper, pasted on the door leaf.



Selection criteria

When analyzing which wall murals should be selected on the wall in the living room, you should be guided by several important criteria.




Since the humidity in the living room usually does not exceed normal values, the moisture resistance of the wallpaper is not the dominant indicator. It is more important to pay attention to their resistance to ultraviolet radiation, so that the richness of the colors does not fade too quickly.




It is possible to evaluate the quality indicators of photo wallpapers on the material used for their manufacture. Low cost paper types are inferior in strength to more expensive vinyl, non-woven or textile counterparts. Although thanks to new processing technologies, paper wallpapers look prestigious and may not lose their original bright decor for a long time. Laminated types of modern finishing materials are particularly resistant to external adverse effects.

The main influence on the creation of a new type of living room is provided by the picture and color scheme depicted in the photo wallpaper.

Pictures with perspective visually make the room more spacious. Patterns elongated in the vertical direction create a feeling of increasing the height of the ceiling, which is important in small rooms. Will bring to the room a touch of retro wall with imitation of a brickwork.

When choosing color combinations, it is advisable to take into account that the living room with a north orientation will require lighter shades from the warm part of the color spectrum, which can visually make the room less dark. Accordingly, images made in cold tones would be appropriate for the south side. Dark compositions that absorb excessive lighting and make the space balanced and comfortable will also fit well.

The extensive theme of the photo wallpaper makes it possible to express the right mood, to create a romantic, humorous or strict setting in your own living room.


The storyline, in the center of which is the landscape, has always been popular in the design of residential premises. It can be views of natural places, pictures with views of urban or rural architecture from different eras that attract the eye, create a sense of presence in the conditions depicted in the picture.

An example would be a living room with photo murals "night city", filled with the mysterious twinkling of lights. Such an image at any time of day retains its unusual charm.

A variety of landscape scenes fit into any stylistic decisions, if you correctly select the saturation and coloristic sound.

Urban landscapes are in harmony with high-tech and loft styles, although when choosing a discreet color palette, they will be able to create a harmonious ensemble with noble classical furniture. Maritime theme supports the originality of the Scandinavian interior.

Images of flowers on photo wallpapers, which in modern living rooms have received an unusual embodiment, remain on-demand when large, elegant flower buds appear on the walls, filling all the space and prominently displaying their beauty. For example, wallpaper "roses" will transform the living room into a charming corner, where it is pleasant to be and relax after difficult working days.

Among the advantages of modern varieties of photo wallpaper, oriented for the living room, the following parameters are noted:

  • aesthetics, modern original decoration;
  • good color quality;
  • durability;
  • the ability to choose the material and storyline when buying or ordering photo wallpaper;
  • ease of use;
  • wide range of prices.