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Choosing a clock in the kitchen: a boring decor (27 photos)


All lovers of tasty cooking healthy and homemade food, of course, in the kitchen will be useful clock. After all, to constantly take the phone in hand and watch how many minutes have passed, sometimes it is simply impossible - then your hands are busy, then chop the onions, followed by beets on the way. One glance, and do not be distracted, waste precious moments, it is enough to buy a clock in the kitchen.




What are the hours in the kitchen?

Consider the main types of watches for the kitchen, and note the most interesting moments.

Wall clock

Located on top of the wall, attached to the hook, designed to hold them. Such watches are most often purchased in the kitchen - they are convenient in that they are easy to remove, replace batteries, wipe off dust, or simply turn up the hands for accurate time. More than 9,500 wall clock models are sold today by manufacturers around the world.



Big clock

Huge selection of models from the largest to the medium size. Such hours are suitable for a guest room, a hall, a dining room, a summer kitchen. In an ordinary kitchen, you can make large clocks, and they will look especially interesting if you build them into a wall.

A certain area for hours in the kitchen plays a big role, because you will definitely notice in advance where you would like to place them.



First of all, you need to choose the angle, as it is more convenient for you to look at the time. Of course, there is no point in placing watches in the back, you can't hang them on the window either, so usually the watches are placed on the side. We can advise to install them in front of the plate, but they should be hung in the place where it will be convenient for you.



Original ideas

Decoupage - the style of the Middle Ages, the technique of decoration of objects in which the ornament of objects resembles paintings, paintings. Ready-made images are most often used, they are applied to the product and coated with varnish. Smooth, perfectly smooth surface with stunningly beautiful patterns looks absolutely amazing.

Combining several styles in the kitchen allows you to fantasize with details, for example, to make decoupage hours to the kitchen in the style of Provence, or to order unique design things.



Today, no one person can imagine his life without a watch, valuing his time, everyone wants to use it profitably. Even in ancient times, when instead of modern hours there were sandy hours, people decorated their houses with them.



The most famous and expensive watches in Russia are Kremlin watches. Bright, stately, unique watches are the only ones that have no analogues, and are included in the top 13 legendary watches of the world. From their image created watches for mass sales. They are the most popular in the Russian Federation and abroad.




The love of detail in the interior gives the natures sophisticated, honest, who prefer order not only in their own homes, but also in life. Hours confirmation of this!