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How to make the kitchen in the style of a chalet? Style features (25 photos)


The chalet-style kitchen interior incorporates inimitable sophistication and simplicity. For the first time this area appeared on the border of Switzerland and France, where unusual houses were created, the design of which was aimed at ensuring a comfortable and safe stay. Somewhat later, the original style attracted designers who began to successfully use it to create an attractive home interior.




Distinctive features of style

Learn this direction is easy, because it is very different from all the others. Among the characteristic features worth noting the following:

  • The use of exclusively natural materials for the construction of the structure, and for interior decoration. If the use of natural materials is not possible, it is worth replacing them with high-quality imitation. Solid massive furniture and rough design create a special atmosphere inherent in the style of the chalet. It is appropriate to finish stone, wood, ceramics.
  • The direction is inherent in the effect of aging. It is achieved through special materials or antique furniture, antique decorative elements.
  • The use of stone to create masonry, decor, decoration - a feature by which the style of the chalet is immediately recognized. The usual cooking surface is replaced by a real or artificial fireplace.
  • A prerequisite for the formation of the design is the union of the dining and work areas. The conditional division of space can be achieved by playing with light or color shades. The floor covering is not suitable for this purpose, it must be monotonous and even over the entire surface of the room.
  • Stuffed animals, picturesque landscapes in coarse wooden frames, collectible weapons will be a suitable decoration for the room. In a pinch, you can restrict yourself to lamps and photographs in the original frames.
  • Natural textiles: carpets and bedspreads made of wool, napkins and linen tablecloths. Harmoniously in such an interior look curtains of dense matter with leather inserts.




The style of the alpine house involves the use of natural wood, stone tones and adjacent shades. These include milk, gray, sand, brown:

  • for elements of wood - floor, furniture and beams - most often dark colors are used;
  • plaster on the walls can be white, sand, beige, in rare cases - brown;
  • bricks and stone - light and dark to choose from;
  • Floors - it is better to make the coating dark, if the walls and ceiling are light. In that case, if the ceiling is decorated with wooden panels, and the furniture is made in dark shades, a bright floor will be an ideal option.




Despite the fact that almost all the tones in the house will be natural, there should be bright accents in the interior that bring mood to the room. It can be comfortable pillows, colorful ornaments on the dishes, handmade carpets or tablecloths with embroidery.





Chalet-style kitchen design involves the installation of headsets with simple shapes and clear lines. The texture of the furniture is solid, reliable and somewhat rough. Consider the main features that are important to consider when choosing the appropriate furniture:

  • Material. Of course, the advantage is given to products from natural solid wood of strong species: ash, oak, beech, meranti. The use of low-cost artificial counterparts is acceptable.
  • Furniture should have a hint of vintage, antiquity. Simplicity and coarseness of the texture of products are always welcome.
  • Wooden facades are rarely covered with paintwork. Often, they just put a layer of stain or varnish. In more modern variations, the facades are painted and then covered with a patina. Metal fittings and wood carving look harmoniously.
  • Dinner table. This piece of furniture is central to the interior of the kitchen. As a rule, it has a rectangular shape and is made from wood massif. Most often, homeowners prefer models with straight sides of the cover and corner legs.
  • Chairs. They must be made of wood and massive. Often, their design uses leather inserts and rivets.
  • Design home appliances. It is necessary to select the device, stylized antique and retro. Another suitable option would be the location of technology inside wooden facades.



The laconicism and completeness of the home interior are given by various decorative elements; therefore, they play a special role. It is easy to choose them, the main thing is that the accessories are not new and not made of plastic. Experts recommend using the following techniques for space design:

  • Kitchenware. Metal pans and saucepans are not hidden behind furniture fronts, but are hung on special racks or hooks, therefore they are always in plain sight.
  • In order to strengthen the rustic style motifs, jars with homemade blanks are put on the open shelves. On the slopes of furniture placed bundles of garlic or onions, bunches of dried cereals and herbs.
  • The adornment of the kitchen will be charming porcelain items: vases, figurines, painted plates, as well as containers for storing bulk products and spices.
  • The lighting must be soft and pleasant, the use of fluorescent lamps is unacceptable.
  • Housing fixtures are made of metal - bronze or cast iron, ceiling - from glass transparent or translucent. For hanging over the dining area, old hanging factory-made chandeliers or Tiffany-style ceiling lamps are suitable.
  • Faucets The retro faucets with valves fit perfectly into the design. The mixers are made in bronze and have the shape of the letter "G".
  • Tabletop. The chalet style often uses a dark work surface with the same dark furniture set and vice versa. As for the material, select natural or artificial stone.
  • Apron. Ceramic tiles and stone are suitable for its manufacture. It is undesirable to use materials such as glass or plastic.




Features of the room

There are some features that can negatively affect the final result of the design of the kitchen space. For example, modern household appliances can completely destroy the special atmosphere inherent in the chalet style. Of course, it is impossible to do without convenient devices, therefore it is worth to mask them behind furniture facades or with the help of special stickers.

The use of this style direction in small rooms is a difficult task, but with the right approach, the interior will be attractive and original.

At first, the rough design of the kitchen can cause hostility, but if you like the chalet style, you can safely make changes to your liking by experimenting with materials and accessories.




Disruption of harmony is possible because of the landscape that opens outside the window of a city apartment. In the design of a country cottage, this direction, on the contrary, fits perfectly.




The chalet style kitchen always looks original and colorful. The interior is associated with warm home and comfort. The relaxed atmosphere, special intimate atmosphere, simplicity and elegance in everything - this is what attracts many fans of the style.