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TV in the bedroom: a means of leisure and part of the interior (29 photos)


Today, almost every citizen of our country can afford to buy one or more TVs. Plasma screens people install in the living room, in the kitchen and even in the bedroom. It is on the last version that we focus our attention.



Bedroom - a place where we come to rest and rejuvenate after a hard day. Many wonder whether the presence of a TV will contribute to the rest. Opinions diverge. However, most have it. After all, everyone likes to lie down in front of the screen in the evening and watch their favorite movie or program.



And those who do not have such a technique think about what kind of bedroom design with a TV suits him, because the LCD monitor today serves not only as a leisure activity, but also as part of the interior. It is important to know which TV to choose and how best to install it, so that your bedroom becomes not only a place to sleep, but also to have a good time.



For TV to benefit, not harm

Whether you need a TV in the bedroom, put it in the room where you relax or not - only your personal decision. There are no serious reasons for not doing this, but psychologists believe that having a TV in the bedroom will interfere with a normal life. The reasons:

  • Harmful watching TV lying down. The viewing angle in this case is shifted, the eyes get tired faster. Vision may deteriorate.
  • There is a dependency. Regularly falling asleep under the included TV, a person can no longer fall asleep normally without him.
  • The flickering and noisy screen interferes with proper rest. May become a strong obstacle for people with insomnia.




Despite all this, we love TV, and we like to watch it before bedtime. The main thing is not to make a cult out of the screen:

  • do not look too long;
  • do not make a loud sound, and it is better not to install speakers at all;
  • Be sure to turn it off as soon as you feel sleepy;
  • install plasma in a more or less spacious bedroom;




What should be the TV for the bedroom?

The first thing you need to be guided when choosing a TV in the lounge is the size of the bedroom. The larger its territory, the larger the screen diagonal you can afford. In addition, it is necessary to consider the distance from the viewing point to the location of the TV.

So, chosen, now the most difficult thing is to place. At what height to hang the TV in the bedroom? This is the key point in this situation. From this will depend on the convenience of viewing. You need to rely on how you will look at it:

  1. Sitting - mounting the TV below. It can be put on a cabinet or in a niche built into the cabinet. There is a simple rule: a third of the top of the TV screen should be located just at the level of a person’s eyes.
  2. Lying - hang the TV higher. Best tilted over the bed. True, some prefer to even fix a flat-panel TV on the ceiling. For perfect comfort.

Consider the options for the location of the TV in the bedroom.

With proper selection and location of the TV will complement the interior of the room and make it unique. A new purchase should not spoil the design of the bedroom, but be in harmony with it. If you approach the design of the TV wall with all the responsibility and taste, then the beautiful design you have created will delight and envy the guests.