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Wall mural depicting nature - freedom of travel (27 photos)


People began to appreciate the beautiful nature for a long time. Therefore, portraits and images of historical events in painting were gradually replaced by landscapes and other paintings with elements of animate and inanimate nature. This is due to the natural inclination of the human psyche to the beauty of the world around us, its non-human greatness, uniqueness and diversity.



But if not everyone has a nice picture to hang in his room, then you can buy and paste wallpaper "nature" on the wall without much hassle, especially since the cost and complexity of sticking are available to people with moderate incomes and without special skills.

The popularity that the "nature" photowallpaper received in the interior is also due to the fact that many of us cannot visit all those wonderful places that we would like to see. And good wallpapers with images of the best natural landscapes of the world transform the walls of your home into huge windows, where you can see mountains with green peaks and snowy peaks, cozy corners of the forest, wide fields, gardens with fruit trees and flowers, ponds and other natural beauties.



In addition to the usual landscape photos in the modern range of wallpapers you can also find pictures with wild animals, birds and fish.

But the use of such photo wallpapers should be approached with some caution, as they are far from being appropriate for any premises and can create some tension in people with rich imagination or problems of the nervous system. For example, it is quite risky to put on the wall of the bedroom views of the underwater world or in the children's room - a photo of a bear or a tiger. In such a bedroom, sleeping will not be too comfortable, and a large picture with a beast can cause subconscious fear even in rather large children.



The dimensions of the room and its fullness determine the size and shape of the photo wallpaper. It is desirable that most of the drawing was open, otherwise the meaning of such decoration of the room is lost.

In addition, it should be noted that narrow, vertically arranged pictures make small rooms visually more spacious, and large ones, on the contrary, are slightly smaller and narrower. On the other hand, wide horizontal wallpapers will give a medium or large room a visual space similar in effect to a panoramic window.



Specialized companies offer the service of printing photo wallpapers based on photos provided or selected by the customer. But only high-quality images are suitable for this purpose, otherwise the resolution will be insufficient and the magnification will make the image fuzzy, blurred. Ready-made wallpapers are made from photographs of very high quality, made by qualified photographers on professional equipment, and printed taking into account the features of the image and shape of the picture.



Among the designers, several of the most popular themes of photo wallpapers depicting nature are distributed.

Flowers, flowering trees

Almost universal solution for living spaces, appropriate in a bedroom, children's room, kitchen, etc. However, there are also options here. For example, large colors images with a predominance of yellow, orange, red are better suited for the kitchen, since these colors have a positive effect on appetite, because the effect of eating depends on the comfort of sensations.



In the bedroom of adults, for example, a married couple will look good in field or garden flowers in more vibrant colors: lush roses and orchids, a corner of spring apple orchard in bloom, close-ups of cornflowers against the background of golden wheat. For the room or the living room, the photo "Flowers" is also suitable, but here it is recommended not to get involved in large images, as they will focus too much on themselves.



Reservoirs and waterfalls

Images of ponds on photo wallpapers provide coolness and freshness to the interior regardless of whether the picture shows an endless seascape, a small bay or a water-overgrown forest pond. Therefore, for the kitchen, hall or hallway such a finish would be more appropriate than for the bedroom. And it’s better not to place the images of a huge turbulent waterfall, a sea storm, or just a bright sunny day, blinding the glare of the sun on the waves.

Pictures of the underwater world or an aquarium can also be very attractive, and if there are a lot of bright and warm colors there, then they will fit well into the design of the hallway, kitchen, room of a teenage boy.

Wall murals with waterfalls look particularly good in the halls and hallways, but they can also decorate a playroom for children of different ages.

The plot and subject matter matters a lot, but the most important thing is the compatibility of the photo wallpaper design with the decor and lighting. Unlike other types of wallpaper, wallpapers become very important, sometimes the main part of the interior. They are too bright and expressive, so that you can choose any bright picture without first considering how harmoniously it fits into the overall ensemble.