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Balcony arrangement: interesting ideas (29 photos)


The balcony in most cases is a jumble of unnecessary things, an improvised storage of home canned goods or a place to store vegetables. A storage room, a small attic or a storage room with windows - this is exactly the role that the loggias have in urban apartments. But the balcony may well be a cozy and functional room.



Increasing the footage of the apartment

It is an increase in usable area, as a rule, that becomes the goal of those who are thinking how to equip a balcony. If you competently use the loggia as a separate room, think through the functionality of the room, with inspiration to approach the finishing, glazing, waterproofing, decoration, insulation and other points, you can finally get a place for a good rest at the end of a hard working day.

Before proceeding directly to the work on finishing the balcony room, you should carefully consider the plan-project. So the implementation of the idea of ​​arranging a balcony includes the following intermediate steps:

  1. Development of the project: conducting measurements of the balcony room, determining the question of expanding the adjoining room at the expense of the loggia or decorating the room as a small separate room, choosing a specific idea for arranging a balcony and interior style, drawing up a plan for arranging furniture, carrying out communications, clarifying the project budget.
  2. The choice of materials for interior decoration of walls, ceiling and floor, the purchase of necessary building materials.
  3. The release of space from unnecessary things, the arrangement of closed lockers for storing things that can not be thrown away.
  4. The solution to the issue with the balcony glazing, the purchase of building materials and the implementation of the idea.
  5. Warming of the walls and ceiling of the room so that the temperature of the balcony does not differ from the main room.
  6. Wiring lighting in accordance with the idea of ​​arranging a loggia.
  7. Final work on interior decoration, furniture and accessories.

The implementation of the idea of ​​finishing the balcony begins with the purification of the space for the upcoming changes. So it is necessary to disassemble old things that have accumulated over the years on the loggias, do the cleaning and move everything that might still be useful to other storage places or, for example, take them to the cottage. After cleaning the balcony space, it is necessary to take up other activities in turn.

Materials for finishing should be chosen based on financial possibilities, personal preferences of the owners, the design of the adjoining room and the chosen idea of ​​arranging the balcony.
The ceiling, which, by the way, can be suspended, is often sheathed with clapboard, high-quality plasterboard or simply whitened. In the future, drywall can be painted or styled with wood panels.

The basic ideas of balcony design are limited to the following range of options that can fit in the room.



Children's Corner

Any child will be happy to hang a hammock, a tent or even a sandbox right in the apartment, mini-kitchen or workshop. In one-bedroom apartments where families live with a growing child, the balcony can become some analogue of a separate children's room.

Not all of the above options are suitable for a small room. In this case, you need to proceed from what room is adjacent to the balcony room. Ideas for a small balcony may include the design of a windowsill in the form of a dining table (if the room is adjacent to the kitchen), the arrangement of the cabinet or the placement of several chairs and a floor lamp.