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Wall-mounted washing machine: features of models, mounting options (20 photos)


Over time, all appliances change, improve, become more comfortable and compact. Wall washer is another proof of progress. Not only the functionality of these original models attracts many consumers. Dimensions are also important when choosing a washing machine for the home. The actual wall model will be for small living rooms, where saving free space is of great importance because it is mounted on the walls, like kitchen cabinets or boilers.



Advantages of wall models

It should be noted that the product is not suitable for use in a large family, where a large number of dirty things are regularly collected, but washing clothes for one person or a small family is quite capable of this electrical appliance. Such features depend on the compact dimensions of washing machines, which do not allow them to wash more than 3 kg of laundry at a time. The main advantages of the products include:

  • Small size;
  • The presence of additional space under the machine;
  • Attractive design;
  • Quick wash;
  • Convenient management;
  • Silent operation;
  • Saving electricity and detergents.

Despite numerous advantages, wall-mounted machines have some drawbacks:

  • Products do not cope with a large amount of linen.
  • The spin function is weaker than standard equipment.
  • Mounting the model can cause some difficulties. This is due to the selection of a suitable place for installation.
  • High price.



Installation Features

In advance, even before the acquisition is to determine exactly where the machine will be installed. Serious difficulties often arise in this matter, since any wall you like will not work. The fact is that only monolithic or brick bearing walls are suitable for installation. Do not install on drywall, foam blocks and plastic. It is important to take care of the strength of the wall in order to avoid equipment damage due to a fall in the future. It is necessary to make sure that the device will be fixed on a reliable stable wall, made of durable material.

Wall models organically fit into the design of the bathroom, kitchen, laundry or pantry.

There is another important feature of wall-mounted machines - the absence of a pump that drains and pumps out water. For this reason, they need a direct connection to the communications that are located directly under the equipment. If possible, ways to set and drain the water should be as straight as possible; they should not have a large number of bends.



Installation of a wall-mounted washing machine will be correct when taking into account all the points of the attached instructions. If you doubt that you will master the work yourself, it is better to invite a qualified specialist.



How to make the installation?

The principle of connecting the device is similar to the installation of conventional washing machines. The wall model is mounted using additional parts that are bundled with it:

  • drain hose;
  • power cord;
  • anchor bolts;
  • branch pipe;
  • hose fitting;
  • water filter;
  • water intake hose.



The device is fixed to a secure wall using 4 anchor bolts. Drain and water intake hoses, as well as a hose fitting are needed to connect the device to the water supply. It is important to prepare a suitable place for installation in advance, check the correct operation of the water supply system in order to avoid possible leaks.



Difficulties with installation due to the fact that most of the masters simply did not come across previously with similar work. However, detailed instructions, illustrated with photographs, clearly tells about all the features of installation.