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Blackout curtains in home decor - pleasant darkness (23 photos)


Blackout fabric is a novelty in the textile market. The Blakcout material shuts the room by 90-100%, heat-resistant, its homeland is Finland, where white nights are considered a common phenomenon, which was the impetus for the development of opaque textiles, providing comfortable conditions for night rest.



Blakcout Material Technology

Manufacturers do not fully disclose the secret of fabric creation, the production technology is patented. It is known that manufacturers apply 2-3 layers of textiles, acrylic foam and chemical impregnation, which gives the fabric special properties. Opacity is achieved thanks to the multi-layer structure of the material.



Initially, the aesthetic beauty of the products was provided by polyester. Modern blackout material has gained sophistication and variety thanks to moire, satin, satin; Synthetic yarns include viscose or acrylic components. Such innovations have expanded the range, added originality to window curtains and curtains. Blackout curtains can be of different density and impermeability, with or without a lining base, with a metallic coating.

If you compare the Blakcout material with a regular cloth, you will find a lot of advantages:

  • Long period of operation. Blackout products retain their original appearance for a very long time, despite washing and drying. The fabric does not fade, does not fade, is not prone to deformation, the acrylic layers are not destroyed, with a long life does not appear cracks.
  • Do not crumple. This advantage is especially significant for roller blinds, as they can roll several times a day. After washing the curtains enough to hang in place, ironing them optional.
  • Thermal insulation. Blakcout fabric saves not only from the bright daylight, but also from the heat: a closed curtain will give twilight and coolness on a hot summer day. At the same time there is no greenhouse effect in the room.
  • Soundproofing. The multi-layered structure of the material makes sounds muffled, protects from extraneous noise.
  • Heat resistance. Blackout products can be successfully applied in premises where safety requirements are high. This is ensured by a high level of fire resistance of the fabric.
  • Ease of care. The material does not absorb odors, dust does not accumulate on its surface. Due to the special composition of the fabric, it is very easy to care for it. Blackout curtains drape easily and keep their shape.
  • Hypoallergenic. The components of the material do not cause allergies even in babies, so they can be safely used in the nursery.
  • The variety of colors and textures. Blackout fabric is not a brown or black curtain that completely absorbs the sun's rays. It is a wide choice not only monophonic models, but also with a geometrical, vegetable pattern of various shades.
  • Versatility of use.



Blakcout curtains are more expensive than regular plastic blinds. At the same time, not every material used to make blackout curtains has 100% opacity. In the overwhelming majority of cases, blackout is a curtain of a lifting type.



Blakcout curtains as part of the interior

Blackout fabric products are a variety of color and decorative solutions that are able to decorate the interior of an office space and give coziness to home decoration.

Blackout curtains in the interior will equally well fit into a classic and cutting-edge design. You can choose a fabric with different opacity and density, additional coating, impregnation.

If it was not possible to find a suitable coloring, then it is possible to make two-layer curtains: the front side will be made of ordinary fabric, the wrong side will be blackout.



Roman blackout curtains are characterized by ease of operation, have concise folds. In the living room they are often combined with curtains. Japanese blackout curtains add a zest and decorate the exotic interior. They look great on large panoramic windows, emphasizing the design idea, while performing their functions.



The most widely used blinds are blackout. They are widely used in nightclubs, offices and other public facilities. Lightproof roller blinds perfectly shade the room, not allowing a single ray to penetrate into the room. Universal blackout roller blinds will be in harmony with any interior, not attracting attention, but elegantly complementing the decoration of the room. Classic curtains traditional style fit any interior design, it is only important to choose the right colors and patterns.



Application of curtains blackout

Exceptional properties of the material make it possible to use it in rooms of various purposes:

In catering establishments

The window opening, on which there is a blackout roll-up textile curtain, provides a romantic mood for lunch or dinner by candlelight, a banquet on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary date in the restaurant or cafe.

In office space

At business meetings or presentations, it is often necessary to show slides or videos on a wall or a special screen. Excellent visibility of images can be achieved simply by drawing curtains curtains.

The first step is to measure the window so as not to be mistaken with the size of the curtains. If the curtains do not fit in size even by 1 or 2 centimeters - the purchase will lose its meaning.