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Patchwork curtain - an exclusive element of the interior (24 photos)


Patchwork technique is a real fount for creativity and fantasy. She is equally well able to experienced craftswomen and novice needlewomen. Always bright, elegant and exclusive products from shreds will be the highlight of the interior.



One of the main elements of textiles in the room is the curtains. They set the mood and can drastically change the atmosphere. Curtains in patchwork style is a simple and original solution for the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and even the bathroom. Multi-colored shreds and their combination will find a new life on the windows of any room in your house.

The first mention of this technique known since the days of ancient Egypt - products from pieces of animal skins. In Western Europe and Russia, rugs, bedspreads and curtains were created from pieces of fabric.



Patchwork has always been considered an economy option for the manufacture of textiles. Poverty and scarcity forced people to save and create finished products from patches and scraps of various fabrics, as well as to sew pieces of matter on worn and torn things.



What fabrics can I use?

For sewing curtains in the technique of patchwork fit almost any fabric. Cotton, organza, linen, chintz, tapestry and velvet will be a great decoration for windows. It is not necessary to use a new material, and cuts from old fabric will do. Bring it in the appropriate form can be washed and starched and otpariv iron. After such procedures, the fabric will not lose color and will not shrink during further washings.



If you have already decided on the choice of fabric, then pay attention to its features and durability. Some material is too soft and prone to deformation or, conversely, not elastic. For example, when cutting flaps from an old coat, the fabric may “bubble”, and a curtain of silk flaps will not last long.

The optimal material for curtains is linen and cotton. They are unpretentious in care and long retain their external data.



Curtain sewing style patchwork

Over its long history, patchwork has formed its own rules and styles. They are directly related to the use of the product and binding to a specific area. Among all the styles of this technique, there are three main ones.

The main advantage of textile patchwork is its versatility. He conquers the classics and modernity, brings into each interior its own special highlight. The provas room becomes cozier with a patchwork cotton curtain on the window. As a picture, you can use floral motifs or household utensils.

Vintage living room will be a special character with the appearance of a curtain of velvet or satin pieces. Abstraction and ornament - a great choice for a room in ethnic style. Asymmetry and unexpected combinations of textures will emphasize the confident and sharp nature of modernity. For fans of all unusual, you can create a patchwork curtain in the avant-garde style, picking up the details in the characteristic color and patterns.

Independently master the technique of patchwork is not difficult. The main thing - the desire and at least minimal sewing skills.

Like any textile, patchwork curtains require proper care. In order for the product to serve for a long time while maintaining an attractive appearance, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the fabric from which it is sewn.