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Sofa- "car": driving home comfort (20 photos)


The sofa in the form of a car is a unique play furniture that your child will definitely like, because every little boy dreams of his own car. A room with such a machine will immediately become cozy and interesting for children's games. Smooth lines and soft silhouettes will take care of the safety of your baby and quiet sleep at night.

First of all, you must understand why you need such a sofa. It will only be needed for sleeping or it will be used as an extra bed for guests, watching TV or relaxing during the day. After the decision is made, you need to familiarize yourself with the features on which the cost of goods depends. The main thing you need to pay attention to is the frame, fill and upholstery.



Frame selection

Manufacturers offer you several options: metal, chipboard or wood. Each of the materials has its own characteristics and, of course, different price.

A wooden-frame “car” will fit perfectly into a room with a classic style. Depending on the wood, the cost and quality of the finished product will differ. The most accessible for production are coniferous trees. They allow you to make a low cost, but the quality of the sofa will be quite low.

If you want a sofa of high durability and reliability, then pay attention to products made of beech, ash or oak. Their service life exceeds 10 years, but such products have a markedly increased cost. Children's sofas in the form of cars from these tree species are perfectly safe for a child’s body.



The metal frame is easy to install and repair. Such material possesses fire resistance.



Chipboard frame has a low price and fairly high strength. Its disadvantage is a short service life.



The advantages of a sofa in the form of a car:

  • Delight and happiness of the child;
  • Interest in independent sleep;
  • Development of creative thinking;
  • The development of a sense of taste and beauty;
  • Comfort and safety;
  • Optimal use of room space;
  • Huge assortment of choices.

This design solution has pleased millions of children across the globe. After all, the child does not cry in the evenings, but happily runs to his "car".

The product fits perfectly into any interior design and harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the furniture. This is not only a sleeping place, but also a daily game with new heroes that your baby will invent.