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Wall hanger in the hall: modern options (24 photos)


At the entrance to the house or apartment in the hallway, you can hang clothes, place accessories on a hanger. It is designed for temporary storage of things, its design allows you to save custom qualities of outerwear, hats, shoes. On a hanger, the products are dried, if they were under the snow, rain.



For wall hangers in the room they are looking for a permanent place and fix it to the wall. When choosing a design, they are guided by the needs of the family (for a big need a product with many hooks for clothes, umbrellas, bags), room design. When new settlers buy clothes hanger, they often choose original wall hangers in the hallway - the product with a twist sets a good mood, sets a cheerful tone to the house atmosphere, dictates an extraordinary design style of the room.

Choosing a hanger, buyers take into account the size of the hallway: in a small room they get a functional and most compact product. If the size of the room allows, a wall hanger is chosen with great potential for storage, with bedside tables, a shoebox.



Inserts are decorated with patterns, ornaments with sacred symbols that carry harmony into the space of the house, with single glass stones or a group of multi-colored glass. Glass and mirror support each other in enhancing the light effect, so a hanger with a mirror insert can be made an interior accent.

There are hangers that interest not only simple, but the original design. Easy to use and unusual in the perception of the hanger with curved hooks. The design looks like a wall finish with smooth vertical stripes of metal or wood. When you need to hang things or accessories, the element of the band is bent and used as a hook. You can bend as many strips as you need. The design concept is consonant with the minimalist style of the interior, suitable for rooms decorated in urban style and not becoming obsolete classics.



An unusual design decision attracts wall hangers with elements taken from nature: snowflakes, hooks, prickles, hooks of birds adapted for hooks, and claws of predators. Strengthens the impression of a non-standard solution using bright plastic, leather, wood.

The times of luxurious antiquity are reminiscent of designs with ornate metal hooks, with forged elements or made forged by art. It is possible to choose a forged hanger to any interior - they are made with floral patterns and drawn from the animal world, with a complex abstract weaving of metallic threads. Choose a metal hanger can be covered with black enamel, under gold or silver.



Lovers of antiquity will appreciate the hangers with roses, lilies, and vine artificially aged with gold and silver patinating, which perfectly complement the luxurious interiors. Artworks made by art forging are valued by aesthetes and practical people. The first - for the high decorativeness of products, the second - for the strength of the metal and the ability to hold a large weight, long life of the product.



Wooden wall hangers in the hallway

Wood products attract with environmental friendliness, special warmth and energy of wood. The material is pleasant to touch, because of the special texture it is pleasant to look at wooden objects.

Cabinet makers emphasize the texture of elite wood with impregnations and varnishes, decorate hangers with carved elements, assemble a design from details of complex shapes.

Executions of hangers in the form of a tree branch and a trunk with knots, deer horns are common. Following the fashion of white furniture, wood hangers whiten, while its texture becomes clearer.



Wooden hangers are made of dark and light shades of brown, sandy and reddish. To give the product a vintage, elegant look, wood is aged. Wooden designer hangers look rarity, their price is not high.

The tree gets along well with glass, stone, metal, harmoniously complements the rooms of different styles, so the wooden hanger of the author's work will become the design accent of any hallway.



Material for wall hangers

For the manufacture of elements of products used wood, plastic, metal. Curbstones, shelves, niches are made of wood, from MDF. Dressing is done by patinating, using textile and leather upholstery, covering, mirrors and mirror inserts. Due to the use of materials with different decorative properties and a wide price range, all models of hangers have individual advantages - stylistic and price.