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The best handmade Christmas wreaths (61 photos)


These holiday accessories symbolize eternity, life and grace. The tradition of hanging them on the front door came to us from the West and firmly settled as a first step in preparing for the New Year celebrations. Today you can move away from the classics and make a Christmas wreath from scrap materials, create a concise decoration for the interior of any style.






General rules of manufacture

Before you make a Christmas wreath, you should familiarize yourself with the key laws of the assembly composition. First of all, you need to choose the frame:

  • ready plastic circle of suitable diameter;
  • suitable aluminum or copper wire, quite flexible, but able to maintain a given shape under the weight of the branches and decor;
  • you can make a frame of dense felt - cut several identical rings, put on each other, glue;
  • if you plan to make a volume wreath on the door with your own hands, the basis for the Christmas decoration should be wrapped with foam or felt strips and pasted over with cotton;
  • an excellent base for paper variations will be thick cardboard.

All parts are usually interconnected with glue from a glue gun. The main material is natural or artificial fir branches, but this is a classic, they can be replaced by any thematic products. Decor - Christmas decorations, tinsel, rain, artificial berries and fruits, bare branches, cones. For decoration, you can use paints, glitters, glossy varnish in any form - for example, cones and pasta look spectacular, decorated in a similar way.









To collect a Christmas wreath with your own hands, you only need to adhere to general rules. The basis is the correct circle, for example, let it be wire. It is carefully braided, adhering to one direction, with thin branches (bare vine) or coniferous branches (you can disassemble an old artificial Christmas tree), each of which is additionally fixed with glue. If the model is non-standard, for example, you can wrap a foam or cardboard circle with threads. The method of weaving a wreath is chosen arbitrarily, depending on the starting materials.

The highlight is always the decor of the New Year's accessory - let's talk about this later.



If you do not know how to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands, pay attention to the traditional performance - spruce branches and various decorations, in particular, ribbons and balls. To make the composition not look too simple, you can pick up balls of the same range (for example, gold and silver), but of different texture (glossy and matte). In this case, the Christmas wreath on the door is hung with one red ribbon.

More colorful are the products collected not only on the basis of needles, but with the use of large tinsel of cold shades - they combine very well with the snow cover. At the bottom, such a circle can be decorated with a large, voluminous satin bow (let the fabric be stiff, otherwise they sang sagged in a couple of days).

If you want to add to the classics of bright colors, designers recommend adopting a brush of red berries (artificial variations in a large variety are presented in stores for needlework). Three juicy patches are enough for the composition to play in a new way. Attention: in this case it is necessary to refrain from the abundance of shiny elements, let all the details have a natural color.













Fans of elegant and extremely simple solutions will like wreaths made with their own hands from the vine and its imitation. They can be extremely laconic - collected exclusively from bare brown branches, they can also be coated with metallic paint of any color, and supplemented with artificial snow.

It looks very nice specimens of vines, in the lower part of which there is a small decor: a few fir branches, a red flower or bow, a couple of cones and small Christmas tree toys. A slightly tousled product from branches and berries located in one direction can become a bold and effective solution.

The composition collected from a rod, large straw (this is a natural component), cones and dried leaves painted in a metallic shade (elegant part of the decor) will be remembered for a long time. A thin satin ribbon or an inconspicuous tinsel can wrap around the whole area.

Slightly more laborious will be the option, which is based solely on clusters of berries. In this case, special attention should be paid to the quality of sizing parts - even if artificial berries have low weight, if some areas become loose, the defect will be very noticeable.







Various paper compositions

If you want to make a Christmas wreath of paper with your own hands, you should stock up on several packs of coffee filters. They need to be strung on a wire of medium softness (then the circle will not lose shape), a voluminous fluffy product is formed. In the upper part, a dark green satin ribbon is threaded through it, forming a loop to fix it, you can pin a paper flower with a center bead on a wreath. The result is a very delicate decor, it will look great on the window frame.




If there are children in the house, the whole family can make a wreath-application of colored paper, Christmas-tree toys, decorative braid, tinsel and rain. An alternative to paper can be plastic bags, cut and assembled in fluffy pompons. Such a utilitarian creative model will decorate the outdoor entrance group, the fence, it is often hung under the birdhouse.

To the list of themed crafts for Christmas was as complete as possible, it is impossible to ignore the wide range of products that can be gradually disassembled and eaten. Sweet Christmas wreaths - a great option for a gift, this is an original decorative solution that will please both adults and children.



To perform it, you must first assemble a composition that will become a springboard for placing a sweet surprise - say, to make a monochromatic wreath of spruce branches (they can be easily replaced with calm color tinsel). Further, in this basis, large candies are neatly glued so that when applying glue from a pistol the label is not damaged (if there is time, the candies can be placed in double packaging). After they are dispersed, the remaining space should be decorated with a garland of small beads or a pair of twigs with berries.






A wreath of tea bags will become a creative decoration for the kitchen, and, moreover, not simple, but with a meaning - packaged tea will symbolize the number of days remaining until the New Year or Christmas. On a cardboard circle put a decor - brilliant paint, an ornament, paste a band. The bags are carefully placed on top (for each only one drop of glue so that in the mornings one can tear one by one, marking one more day before the holiday). On the inner perimeter of the circle, you can place candies in a shiny package or traditional New Year symbolism.

In such a case, as interior decoration before the holidays, there is no room for restrictions. The most innocuous option can be a Christmas wreath made of beads or completely assembled from plastic Christmas-tree balls. It is interesting to see instances based on coffee beans or chestnuts - their convex texture prevailing in the product is favorably shaded by a single bright spot - the central flower or bow.

Computer scientists decorate workplaces and housing with wreaths from unnecessary compact discs - for them even the skeleton is not needed, they are glued together with each other, gradually spreading a circle. Bars and cafes before the holidays are decorated with models in which dozens of wine corks, beer caps, straw and bows, carved from an aluminum beverage can, are harmoniously combined.




Needlewomen can make a gentle ensemble of the remnants of satin ribbons, lace and beautiful braid - they wrap a soft three-dimensional frame, sew beads and beads on top, make pendants. If there are many fabrics in the course, one can weave thick braids that, in turn, will make a multi-colored wreath. It is possible to decorate such a model with several flowers from felt.

Patient natures perform needle wreaths from sliced ​​milk cartons. Also interesting is the Christmas decor, which is based on multi-colored thread pompoms (not everyone will master their painstaking execution one at a time) - here it is worthwhile to use the remnants of wool and synthetic yarn. Riding craftsmanship and perseverance can be called making a wreath from paper snowflakes - for one product you need to carefully cut a few dozen blanks, they can be both white and colored.



Variants of traditional decoration

Such decorative elements are accustomed to see everything mainly in the entrance area: on the door leaf or directly above the joint. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​a Christmas wreath allows its use as a thematic interior decoration: the product can become a beautiful panel, if you attach it to a wall or shelving, it will adequately complement the space above the mantelpiece.



A variety of Christmas wreath decor options allow you to embed it in the design of the table - by adding candles to the composition, you will receive a central accent in the festive decoration. Finally, a Christmas wreath of cones can be hung on the window: it will look especially bright in the decoration of flashing lights of a garland.