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Metal shelving for home: stylish and practical (22 photos)


The rack from metal is reliable, durable, and also cheap. For some reason, these structures are used mainly in garages and warehouses, but today they are more than appropriate in an ordinary city apartment. Metal racks in the interior of living rooms are not only comfortable, but also fashionable, stylish, modern.



Metal shelving and interior design

All modern models of such structures are made light and compact, they are made of special steel: thin, but durable. Metal racks are no longer those ridiculous, cumbersome and heavy structures that were used fifty years ago in warehouses and production workshops. Today, universal type shelves with open shelves could not be more convenient for use in traditional household purposes: they can withstand not only light decor, but also heavy objects, which sometimes can not be done by modern furniture.

Many manufacturers offer consumers various types of metal shelving for the home, with absolutely any color, which helps to perfectly fit them into the interiors of apartments or houses.

Modern metal racks can be one of the elements of your interior design in any of the rooms.

  • In living rooms it is most appropriate to install a rack for household appliances. Also on it can be placed decorative items.
  • Children's room needs a rack for storing toys. The baby will be comfortable taking everything he needs. This rack should not be high.
  • The rack can also serve as a decorative partition, which is very important for a studio apartment or small-sized home.
  • In garages or basements, various types of metal shelving are indispensable, since it is convenient to put all the tools and other accessories on them.
  • In the bedroom you can put small metal racks to place books on them, nice souvenirs, cosmetics.
  • In the bedroom you can also install a double-sided shelf, place on it, say, book holders, special bars for storing clothes. Such a cabinet, although mobile, is constructively assembled onto bolts, which gives the whole structure sufficient stability.



Metal shelving and cabinets for bathroom, dressing room and balcony

This furniture is perfect for rooms with high humidity: baths, baths or saunas; for open spaces in the local area - balconies, terraces, patios. Such a metal rack will last more than one year, unlike a chipboard, which deteriorates very quickly, and in which fungus and mold harmful to health will inevitably multiply. Of course, there may be problems with rust or peeling paint, but you can always clean the surface and paint them again.



Metal shelving for the kitchen

If you chose a modern design, and your space is decorated in the styles described above, then metal racks for the kitchen are simply irreplaceable. They will perfectly fit into a traditional kitchen decor, will be well combined with kitchen appliances and chrome accessories. Wall metal racks in the kitchen make it possible to store a much larger number of things than traditional cabinets.

Near home plants there is often dirt, the increased humidity is always present. Flower racks are very easy to clean, so they will always be in order.

In addition to versatility, metal cabinets and racks have another important advantage - assembly speed. Such metal racks are assembled much faster than a similar construction of chipboard or wood. Prefabricated structures are especially convenient when transporting or moving. Everyone knows that collapsible furniture wears out very quickly, but metal cabinets and racks are designed for a large number of showdowns and fees. This is an indispensable modular option if you often change the design of your interior or move from apartment to apartment.



Not all shelving units can be used as ordinary shelving racks for household needs. Heavy construction, massive racks have a significant load capacity, but do not install them in relatively small rooms and turn an apartment into a warehouse. For home use, you should choose lightweight and compact versions of metal shelving.



To buy such racks is not difficult, the range for today is just gorgeous. You can choose for yourself designs of any size and modifications, for example, metal wall racks are simple straight and angular. There are also many color solutions; it is easy to find an option that will harmoniously fit into the interior of your room. If you do not want to buy a ready-made rack, you can assemble the structure yourself; all items are sold separately. The assembly process is usually simple, it does not require any special skills.



Metal shelving for the house have another interesting advantage - the absence of creaky doors, glass in them. All modern models made of stainless steel, stainless, not prone to deformation from climatic conditions, always withstand any temperature extremes. Cleaning such shelves does not take much time, just the usual wet cleaning. Metal racks, in general, their functionality is much more convenient and practical than traditional furniture, which is certainly inferior in terms of durability and strength.