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Rubber tiles in the interior and exterior: features of choice (21 photos)


The rubber tile is a modern direction in improvement of a country house. The material has excellent qualities due to which it quickly became popular and in demand among buyers.



Making rubber tiles

Today there is the problem of recycling old tires for cars. The decomposition of this material is very slow. In most cases, tires are made from expensive material - oil. Recycling will be excellent material for other purposes. For example, for the equipment of private homes or sports fields.

Paving slabs made of rubber are pleasant and soft to the touch, it has a rough surface and an optimal appearance. This surface provides excellent contact with shoes, which is especially important in winter. Even if ice appeared on the surface, it can be easily removed, since the surface of the tile is elastic and durable.

The rubber tile is a modern universal covering which can be used as facing of the yard, paths to the kitchen garden or the yard of the dacha. Most often today it is used by private kindergartens, schools and sports grounds. The soft surface and excellent wear resistance allow you to make the surface quality and safe for a long time. This is an indispensable material for playgrounds, because in this case it will be possible to avoid serious injuries during falls. Many parents consider this material the safest and most reliable.

You can lay the material on the floor after leveling the floor or ground. It is recommended to perform a concrete screed, lay the asphalt surface well at a slight angle. Slope is necessary for the flow of water. Along the perimeter of the site it is better to install the bumpers that will be the fixer for the tile.



If you decide to buy a tile with a thickness of less than 30 mm, then it is better to lay it on a hard foundation. If the material is thicker, the surface does not matter, it is important that it be as smooth as possible. This is a great holiday option for a beautiful courtyard.

The rubber tile for the floor is cut with a regular knife, so you can easily fit it to the size and shape you need. Use polyurethane glue for bonding.

Usually, the tile from the rubber garden fits smoothly. Some types of tiles have a lock connection and are mounted on the floor.

In the care and cleaning of the tile is not picky and does not require the use of special tools. To clean the material from dust and dirt, you just need to wash it with water under pressure from a hose. If dirt remains on the surface, you can remove it with a regular rag and warm water.

Water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees. Tile for the street practically does not deteriorate and needs only periodic cleaning.

Today, rubber tiles for gardening are used in various fields and are in great demand. She can equip the space of the courtyard, a playground for children and an area for parking. Rubber tiles for tracks in the country will be the perfect option. You will forget once and for all what dirt and water are.




Positive qualities of rubber tiles:

  • Security. Rubber crumb paving has a soft surface and therefore softens shocks in the fall. Due to this, it is possible to avoid serious injuries in children during games and trainings. Shoes on the surface does not slip;
  • Easy installation. Tiles can be easily installed without special equipment or skills;
  • Strength. The high level of strength allows you to not worry about the material during loads.
  • Resistance to temperature changes;
  • Long service life. Rubber tile floor can last more than 20 years;
  • The material absorbs moisture well and does not trap puddles during rain;
  • Beautiful appearance makes it possible to choose the material for the design of your interior;
  • High level of sound insulation. This will be an added bonus for rooms where children play and play;
  • Ease of care, cleaning and maintenance;
  • Environmental friendliness. The rubber tile stone blocks does not contain harmful substances and is absolutely safe.



Any surface covered with rubber tiles will look beautiful and original. In addition, it will be safe and reliable. Rubber tiles for playgrounds will ensure the safety of children's games. That is why many sports fields and sections are equipped with a floor of this material. Thus the chance of injury is reduced to a minimum. If you want to refine the area around the house, then the tile will suit you and create a cozy atmosphere and beautiful design.