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Spotlights - modern lighting accessible to all (27 photos)


The growing popularity of LED spotlights, found in the interior of most people. What is the reason for such a stir? An analysis of the advantages of these lighting devices and a detailed classification of models will help answer this question. Knowing all the nuances and subtleties, it’s not difficult for an average person to find the right lighting fixture for the interior.



Spotlights in the interior

Ceiling spotlights have this name due to the fact that they create narrowly directed light streams at one of the points. That is, the lighting does not cover the whole room, but only a specific area under the lamp. Their angle of illumination is 30o. In this regard, the installation of only one lamp will not be enough for a full and comfortable illumination of the room.

Dot ceiling lamps have very small sizes, therefore they are placed far not in a single copy. Designers are particularly fond of this type of lighting, since you can create real masterpieces of lamps. Most often they are used to simulate the night sky with stars or to zoning a room.



Special attention awarded to the installation. Decorative spotlights are installed in such a way that only a flat lining is visible. The case itself is hiding behind the ceiling surface, so as not to spoil the room with its appearance. This should be taken into account during installation, as it is worth keeping the distance to place the lamp in its entire length.

The range of stores ceiling recessed sources of illumination are presented in a variety of options, so that to choose the right model is not difficult, even in the most sophisticated and unusual interior.



Types of spotlights are amazing. However, there is a conditional classification of models, dividing them into two groups according to the type of installation: in plasterboard ceilings or stretch fabrics.



The installation of spotlights in ceilings made of rigid structures, such as drywall, plastic panels or aluminum laths, takes place due to two clips on the instrument case. With their help, the chandelier is inserted into the hole and securely fastened to the base of the ceiling. Spot lights for slatted ceilings are easily installed with your own hands, you just need to compress these two springs and release them when the body is inserted into the hole.



For tension cloths such models will not work. Spotlights for suspended ceilings are installed on the upper levels of the room with the help of special brackets. Already after their installation, the web is tensioned according to all the rules and precautions. For spotlights on a stretch ceiling, it is better to choose lamps with low heat emission, otherwise dark circles may form on the canvas due to overheating.




Despite the fact that the spotlights in the interior are classified according to the type of installation, it is worth paying attention to such a moment as the selection of lamps. They are of the following types:

  • LED;
  • fluorescent;
  • halogen;
  • standard incandescent bulbs.

Having painted all the variations of models, it is impossible not to mention the advantages and disadvantages of spotlights. Built-in LED lighting products have the following advantages:

  • ease of installation and operation;
  • quick and easy lamp replacement in case of burnout;
  • low cost;
  • tremendous opportunities for the realization of fantasy in design.

The only minus that can be noted about the recessed spotlights is the heating of the body when the lamps are working. Often in the basic package includes a halogen or fluorescent light bulb, which differ in such properties. When self-replacing LED sources such problems do not arise.

Special attention should be paid to the question of how to choose the location of spotlights on the ceiling. There are no special rules for placement, therefore it is worth starting only from personal preferences and opportunities.



For example, in a small room it is impractical to install many devices, since it is irrational and uneconomical. Spotlights in the kitchen are best placed in such a way that most of them fall on the work area. Thus, it will be highlighted for a comfortable stay in it and ease of cooking.

Spotlights in the living room will help to distinguish between zones through special control panels. Especially this option will have the way those with whom the hall is used as a recreation area and work. If it is necessary to darken one area, it is enough to turn the rotating lever and select the place where it is required.

There is also a separate type of chandeliers, called turning lights. Their body can be sent in the right direction, depending on the wishes, in connection with which they received this name. Rotary spotlights, despite their clear advantage over other models, have a high cost. Because of this, they are not so often found in apartments.

How to arrange spotlights on the ceiling in the nursery? Here, one's own imagination should not be limited to some kind of framework, but one point should be kept in mind. Yet in the nursery, the child plays or does homework most of the time, so the lighting should be top notch. Do not neglect the installation of built-in lighting, because, if desired, their brightness can be adjusted by special levers.

Spot lights for the bathroom are no different from those that are installed in residential premises. The only thing worth choosing among those hanging models that are protected by glass on top, in order to avoid splashing water into the case. Short circuits and interruptions are not needed by anyone, so it is better to secure everyone in advance. Glass spotlights are presented in a large assortment, so there will be no problems with the selection of the model for the desired design.