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Types of sofas: distinctive features and benefits (24 photos)


Repair promises a lot of trouble and care, sometimes pleasant, sometimes too unpredictable. Each stage of a new home decoration often involves bold design decisions, the choice of style, visiting a multitude of shops until the visual end result comes before your eyes. Having carefully considered and weighed all the options considered, the appropriate decisions are made.



In this article we will talk about one important decision during the repair - this is the choice of a sofa as a bed. Here we consider the most diverse types of sofas, studied the price category of modern sofas, the material used, the functionality, the dimensions, the proposed color scheme. We will share our experience and accumulated information obtained during the study, so that you can easily and simply determine the model and spend the minimum amount of time before buying.

The transformation of the sofa is an important aspect when using this furniture as a bed. In a healthy body healthy mind. And this makes a huge sense. When choosing furniture for sleeping, keep in mind that an important role is played by the comfort of the surface, and no less important are the layout of the sofas.

Do not use leather upholstery, because it is she who quickly gets a worn and damaged look, especially if the choice fell on artificial leather. Better to choose on a fabric surface to avoid slipping of bed linen.



From the presented variety, everyone will easily select a sofa for his or her home based on the form, type of transformation.

A wide range of types of sofa mechanisms allows you to decide on the choice of furniture that will solve your task: the main and beautiful attribute of the living room or a comfortable bed.

Types of sofas on the market today

Corner sofa

The most suitable option for arranging the living room. On such furniture is enough space for the location of a large company or for a cozy pastime with the family while watching a movie. Types of corner sofas are represented on the market in a wide variety. Choosing a sofa as an addition to the interior, you should consider the size of the room.

It is necessary to approach the choice of furniture for a nursery with a big responsibility, the berth for the child is obliged to be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. That is why the choice of parents often stops on a folding sofa. The modern market represents a huge range of colors for both boys and girls. The use of modern transformation mechanisms allows the child to cope with the transformation of the sofa into a bed.

This option is well suited for both large and small apartments. A very practical option as a bed use. To turn the sofa into a bed, you need to pull the seat forward. The next two parts will take a horizontal position, hidden in the back of the sofa.

A big advantage is the availability of spacious drawers for storing bed linen. Using the sofa accordion in everyday life, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the choice of the presented model.

A model that has won great recognition as a compact and comfortable sleeping place for guests. The transformation mechanism is very simple to use, but not intended for everyday sleep. To turn into a bed, pull the seat forward. The sofa will decompose into a large bed, and the seat will fall on the retractable legs. Before you form a flat surface with a high level of comfort for sleep.



A variety of this guest version is presented in different stylistic decisions, upholstery options, sizes. The only negative model seen is the lack of a drawer for storing bedding. But this is not a big problem with enough space in the closet.

What should I look for when choosing a sofa?

Based on what function in your house will perform this furniture, consider the appropriate options.

Sofa as a bed

Using this approach to the selection of the necessary functions, you should pay attention to the uniform surface of the back and the seat to eliminate discomfort during sleep due to irregularities. Choose high quality filler. For the surface fit fabric upholstery.

Choosing furniture, well study the presented range. Consider all the mechanisms by type of use, which are. Pay attention to the frame material. The most practical to use and quality materials for the frame of the sofa - a tree and plywood. Chipboard is classified as lower quality, threatens faster breakdown.