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Chair recliner - comfortable rest at any time (22 photos)


The name of the upholstered furniture has a direct connection with the form that it acquires as a result of the transformation - recliner is translated as "chaise longue". Universal recliner chair has high functionality. Not only the back is adjustable at the desired angle of inclination, but also the extension of the step (stand) is provided, which creates comfort for the legs and allows you to stretch the body to its full height.



The process of transformation of the chair occurs when you press the button, resulting in a solid soft model or office version of the chair take the form of a comfortable lounge chair. In addition, many models have a rotating base, so you can get comfortable and relax while reading a book, listening to music or watching your favorite TV show.

The developers of the first models of country furniture are American designers and cousins ​​Edward M. Knaubush and Edwin Shoemaker. The recliner type chair was created in 1928 as furniture for recreation, but rather a wooden chair with a retractable footboard was designed for outdoor recreation. Soon the idea was refined and implemented by La-Z-Boy Incorporated, which specialized in the production of transforming furniture for recreation.



Types of recliner chairs

There is a wide variety of transforming chairs like a chaise longue. Models differ among themselves:

  • control type (activation).
  • structural features of transformation mechanisms.

It is worth considering in more detail all the differences. This will help to better understand the design and determine the choice of model.



Electric recliner recliners are transformed by pressing the fixed or remote control button. In some models, the adjustment of the position of the backrest is carried out smoothly, and the selected moment is fixed.

In advanced recliner chairs, you can set the memory for your favorite position, and it will be installed in automatic mode after pressing the control button. For example, TV mode for easy viewing of TV programs, which is provided in all models. Electric models with a remote control can be adjusted at a distance from anywhere in the room.




By design features of transformation mechanisms

In total, two types of mechanisms for recliners are developed:

  • Frameless system with built-in mechanisms. Models are the simplest design, in which the mechanisms are integral with the furniture frame, since they lack their own base. As a rule, three locking positions of the folding mode are provided in the chairs. The step in such models is extended on telescopic guides, it can also be equipped with a “book” (opening type) or “dolphin” (“diving” type) mechanism.
  • The device with the base (support). This model is the most mobile in the choice of a comfortable position, as it uses a turning mechanism. Such designs are quite complex: you can individually or synchronously change the position of the individual elements of the chair (backrest, steps). Transformation mechanisms allow you to rotate the chair in all directions (360 °).



In some models of the reference type, there are additional functions that create comfortable conditions and ergonomics, which greatly increases the efficiency of rest. Today, consumers are offered:

  • Models in which elements of heating are built in.
  • Rocking chair.
  • Furniture attributes, equipped with its own audio system.
  • Professional recliner chairs with massage options.

In addition, there are models specifically designed for the elderly. The difference between these seats is the presence of a lift to the seat.



Recliner chairs for home and office

In models used in the home, there are several options for tilt:

  • For rest in a sitting position the back has a slope of 100 °.
  • For TV viewing mode - no more than 110 °.
  • For complete relaxation (relaxation), the backrest is raised to 140 °.



An office chair with a recliner mechanism is designed to create maximum comfort for work and rest, and this is done by changing the angle of inclination. Each modern model takes into account all areas of contact of the human body with the seat and back, therefore, being in any position, tension is removed from the muscles of the neck and the spine is unloaded. For legs, there is a special pouf with a certain angle of inclination.

For home and office suitable leather chair. Consumers are offered a wide variety of colors.