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How to choose an electric fireplace: pros, cons, important aspects


Firewood crackling in the fireplace, reflections of the flame, dry, even heat - many people, imagining comfort, think of just such a picture. And although it is impossible to equip a fireplace with real fire in an apartment's interior, you can make a choice in favor of an electric fireplace. And the result will be no less comfortable and beautiful.

Every thing, every service has its pros and cons. Electrofireplaces for an apartment are no exception. Among their advantages are usually called:

  • Aesthetics. Expensive electric fireplace with a hearth 3D will look a little worse than a real fireplace. Designer accessories can imitate the smell of burning wood and the crackling of firewood; a complex set of devices will make electric fireplaces with the effect of living fire indistinguishable from the original at first glance.
  • Simplicity. Where for a real fireplace you need a complex system of pipes and extracts, where you need firewood and poker, where you need to take care of a fire, a electric fire with the effect of fire does not require any difficulties. It is enough to mount the wall or put on the floor and from time to time to wipe from dust.
  • Heat. A simple floor heater can handle just as well, electric fireplaces provide good heating and help you survive the coldest winter. Moreover, heat is evenly distributed and maintained at the same level.
  • Security. At this point, modern electric fires outperform ordinary ones with a crushing score. They are not capable of causing a fire, they do not have heating surfaces that can be burned, even small children can be allowed to approach them.

To understand how to choose an electric fireplace, you need at least a minimal understanding of what it consists of. The device of an electrofireplace includes:

  • Housing - it depends on him how much a heated electric fireplace will look like a classic fireplace;
  • The heating element - it depends on it, how the electrofireplace with heating will look like and how strong heat it will give. It can be a spiral between ceramic rods, a spiral with ceramic beads, a spiral on a ceramic base, a ceramic rod on which a wire is wound.
  • Decorative details - it depends on them what style the electric heater with heating will belong to.
  • Protective screen - performs both decorative and protective function.
  • The control panel from which it is possible to give commands to an electrofireplace with heating.

The combination is simple and remains unchanged, but the design can vary greatly, and it depends on the options which type the fireplace will belong to.



Mobile electric fires are distributed into several types:

  • built-in electric fireplaces are mounted into the wall or installed close to it, look very thoroughly and look like classic fireplaces;
  • portable ones, on the contrary, can easily move from place to place and can be equipped with wheels for more convenient movement - very rarely these are electric fireplaces with the effect of live fire.



Also fireplaces vary in size:

  • mini-fireplaces are easily transported, can be installed in the car - these are electric fireplaces for summer cottages, for small rooms, for student dormitories;
  • widescreen are usually either mounted into the wall, or moved with difficulty - suitable for large rooms, the interior of which allows space costs.

When choosing electric fireplaces for a city apartment, one should pay attention not only to the design, but also to other key aspects.


The bigger it is, the warmer it will be in the room where the fireplace is installed.