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Waterproof TV for the bathroom: the comfort of the highest class (25 photos)


You want to buy yourself a TV for the bathroom, because you need to be always up to date with the latest news? Your child is naughty and does not want to swim without watching funny cartoons? Or do you dream about basking in the bathroom and at the same time watching the development of the plot of your favorite series? Then for you it is precisely the time to buy a waterproof TV!



By purchasing such a useful invention, you will be able to relax, enjoying the warm water, and watch movies or video clips, and receive the latest information about events in the world. Despite the fact that the TV for the bathroom appeared recently, he has already managed to win the love of many consumers in the world.



The segment of moisture-resistant televisions, which can work even in areas with increased dampness, is constantly expanding and modernizing, becoming more and more accessible to consumers. Today, there are already many models of moisture-proof TVs, differing in functionality, having different diagonal screens, picture quality and prices.

This interesting innovation is becoming increasingly popular among those who are seriously interested in creating an interior in the bathroom at the same time attractive and extremely functional. TV, having a mirror surface of the monitor, meets these requirements to the greatest extent. A television that replaces a mirror can become an extremely attractive part of the interior of any room. Indeed, it always strikes how an ordinary mirror instantly turns into a television screen.

Such a mirror-TV can be installed in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the hall.

Smartly such television equipment will look and in the pool, and in the SPA-salon. Waterproof TVs with a mirrored surface are often supplied with a heated screen to prevent condensation on its surface in the presence of excess moisture in the ambient air.



Conditionally considered television moisture resistant equipment, depending on the method of installation, can be divided into groups that include models:

  • mounted;
  • built in;
  • on stands;
  • universal (combining the three mount technologies listed above);
  • exotic



Mounted TVs

For their mounting usually use special brackets. Of course, the bathroom with a mounted TV does not look as impressive as with a built-in TV, however, the installation of video equipment in this case is simpler. What can be very important if the installation work is done after the repair is already completed in the bathroom. At the same time the most mobile way of fastening is the variant with the use of the bracket. This type of fastener is also suitable in the case when repair work in the bathroom is not supposed at all.



Built-in TVs

When mounted, they are placed in a box, always included in the kit and installed in a special niche made under it in the wall, which must be prepared even during repairs. Of course, the screen, which merges with the surface of the wall, looks very aesthetically pleasing, but this method of installation will not allow you to change the angle of rotation or tilt of its screen when using the TV. So, watching TV will not always be convenient in different zones of the bathroom. But when choosing a built-in TV, it can be hidden by furniture with an opening door or a large sliding mirror.



A built-in TV set always includes two components:

  • wall-mounted box;
  • panel, mounted later and providing aesthetics to the whole structure.

These TVs allow you to place them anywhere in any room, and the presence of a swivel stand makes it possible to position their screen at an angle most convenient for watching television.

Thanks to a rich set of such video devices can be installed as well as the three above-mentioned modifications of TVs. This means that the convenience of their use will always be ensured, regardless of whether the repair is completed and whether there is a possibility for embedding the equipment in the wall.

Exotic TVs include, for example, those that are mounted directly into the wall of a bathtub, jacuzzi, pool. As a rule, they are advertised as an additional convenience for luxurious baths equipped with hydro-massage and designed to receive long-term water treatments. The cost of such exotic models is in the highest price category. And you can meet them mainly when visiting specialized exhibitions or in the catalogs of manufacturers.



The disadvantage of moisture-resistant TV is still its relatively high cost, due to the use of unique materials and components in the manufacture.