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Kitchen without handles - the perfect space (25 photos)


Ideal modern kitchens without handles all represent differently, but in most cases they consider that they must be practical and convenient to use. For example, cabinets should have multiple sections and compartments in which to store:

  • dishes;
  • kitchen appliances and instructions for using it;
  • cutlery;
  • salt, flour, sugar and some other products;
  • spice;
  • culinary reference books and various books with recipes of dishes.

And in order for everything that is needed at the moment, to have easy access, naturally, all doors and drawers should have handles. However, their large number and appearance are unlikely to appeal to lovers of modern minimalist trends in design.



That is why the recent trend in the design of kitchen furniture, the main component of which is the complete exclusion of handles in the interior of kitchens, is so relevant today.



For those who need a kitchen without handles, there are currently options for kitchen cabinets, in which the doors open in an unconventional way.

The following are various techniques that differ both technologically and in their convenience, allowing you to create kitchen furniture that does not contain handles.

It is possible to open cabinets without the use of handles, for example, by applying milling of the facade. In this case, in essence, a “handle / hook” is created in the facade itself. Milling is performed on the entire width of the facade, without disturbing the overall composition of the kitchen, and most often in the form of an English letter "L".




  • the appearance of the kitchen remains single and solid;
  • the color of the “handle” obtained in this way does not differ from the color of the facade;
  • milled "handle" does not require the use of false panels.



Aluminum profile

Another option that allows you to do without handles in kitchen furniture is to use an aluminum profile to create a “hook”. In this case, in cross section such a structural element can be:

  • L-shaped;
  • S-shaped;
  • T-shaped.

The profile color is usually silver, but it is often chosen in other shades.

In this case, if you follow the style of minimalism, then they should be made unobtrusive, if there is no desire to remove them altogether.



On the verge of fiction

Interesting, albeit rarely used, kitchens without handles are kitchens, in which the doors are opened using touch devices controlled by just touching them.

An even more unusual and advanced solution is to use the "smart open" technology, which responds to voice commands or waving hands. But similar samples of kitchen sets are still found mainly at exhibitions.




Easy to open by pressing with one finger.

Today, the most famous manufacturers of furniture accessories for kitchen without handles are two brands:

  • Blum;
  • Hetich



The mechanisms for opening the valves and push-open and tip on drawers developed by them are most often installed in modern furniture for the kitchen without handles. Opening the lockers is provided simply by pressing a finger, while sometimes electric motors are used.



Recently, the kitchen without handles is becoming increasingly popular. Such furniture is usually performed in the spirit of minimalism and has a rectangular appearance and smooth straight planes of the facades that do not contain unnecessary details. There are no protruding elements in it, and how the doors are opened and drawers are pulled out, everyone can choose to taste.