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Children's array - a luxurious children's kingdom (52 ​​photos)

When purchasing children's furniture, we first of all give preference to reliable and safe options. Today, the consumer market has a wide choice of various models.

Special attention must be paid to the bed. The bed is a place to relax a child. Her choice should be approached as responsibly as possible. Beds made of solid wood today can be purchased at an affordable price. More recently, this material for the manufacture of furniture was not as affordable.

The advantages of children's furniture from the array

Children's furniture, made of solid wood, has a large number of advantages:

  • This is an environmentally safe material. The use of such material has been tested for a long time. It is completely harmless to health.
  • Practical and impeccable performance. This material is durable and reliable. Therefore, it will serve its owner for a long period of time. Wood thanks to modern processing means remains resistant to high levels of humidity.
  • Excellent aesthetic data. Natural wood is characterized by the presence of an individual structure. Due to the annual rings, the array can have a variety of patterns. Wood effectively fits into the interior of the children's room, filling it with unique coziness and comfort.
  • Beneficial effect on human health. Wood has a special energy, which has a positive effect on the emotional and physical state of a person. Such species include pine, oak, maple, birch, etc.

Technology of making beds from wood

Wood for children's beds should be of high quality. If the manufacturer in the manufacturing process complies with all the technologies, then such furniture will last for a long time. A proven manufacturer chooses only quality material. He carefully dries it in the heat chamber, cuts it, correctly processes it, makes blanks. High-quality material is smooth to the touch, a reliable and safe prefabricated structure is made of it.

Getting a bed, do not forget to get children's dressers from the massif of a tree. This piece of furniture is indispensable in the bedroom. It can store a large number of things. Thanks to the many offices you can easily find the right thing at home. Children's table made of solid wood can perfectly complement the design of the bedroom. This piece of furniture is easy to use and durable.

Solid pine for children's furniture

Children's furniture from the array - this is the most common option. Pine has the ability to "breathe." This material will not cause allergies in the child.

Pine does not crack and is not afraid of temperature changes in the room. This pine product is characterized by a high level of quality and has a pleasant, slightly perceptible, pine smell. Fitontsida, which allocates pine, a positive effect on the health of the child.

Pine - opens up rich possibilities for design. Children of solid pine can be made to order.

Children's beds from solid pine differ in a variety of the choice of the sizes and forms. They are durable and are characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality. You can easily choose the most suitable model.

Children's beds from solid pine need to be able to correctly choose. Of course, each parent has its own selection criteria. Parents often choose a bed based on the individual preferences of the child, based on practical information.

Before buying this piece of furniture you need to know information such as weight, height of the child. In addition, choosing children's beds from solid pine, it is necessary to take into account the stylistic decision of the child’s bedroom. The selected model should be perfectly correlated with the parameters of the bedroom. The bed should not be excessively bulky, it should not close the aisle, but harmoniously fit into the interior of the room.

If the nursery is small, then you can easily choose a small and compact model for it. For spacious rooms there is a wide choice of spacious furniture. Children's beds from solid pine can have the most various dimensions. If necessary, the company's specialists will help you choose the best option.

Two-tier models from the array: advantages

Modern cribs made of solid wood may have a different number of tiers. Children's bunk bed can be the perfect solution for a small bed. It does not take a lot of place, differs in reliability and stability. The model with two tiers is a classic version of the rational consumption of space. The design of these models has a wide variety.

The bunk bed from the massif can be equipped with a sliding little table, a locker, regiments, etc. In models with stairs, the steps can perform the second function - storage. Pay attention to the stairs. It should be comfortable for the child and reliable. Models with two longlines will be interesting for a child at any age, including adolescents. Pay attention to the children's model was equipped with bumpers and partitions. Without these elements, the structure will not be considered safe.

Children's beds from solid oak, beech and birch

Bunk beds from the massif of a tree are made of various breeds of wood. Products from solid oak are characterized by strength, durability. They give the room a certain rigor, classic beauty. Oak does not like excessive dryness and negatively relates to vegetable oils. Oak beds are comfortable to use.

Models from the massif of a beech differ in high cost. The money spent on a children's bed of this type will meet your expectations. Beech is a durable and solid material. It is characterized by the presence of a natural soft-brown color with a slight impregnation of red and brown. If this bed is not placed next to the battery, then it will last for a long period of time.

Beds made of solid birch are also in high demand. This wood is durable, but is afraid of moisture. Birch is a durable material, but the service life of furniture depends on the quality of its processing. The spectacular color of the array of this tree will perfectly fit into the children's bedroom.

Options for choosing children's furniture

Children's rooms should be equipped with everything necessary for the child: a bed, a chest of drawers, a table, a high chair, etc. All interior items at the same time must be in harmony with each other and be comfortable in everyday use.

It is necessary to select furniture for a children's room based on the age of the child. If you need a cot for a child under three years old, then it must be equipped with high bumpers. It is desirable that the sides were removed or regulated as the child grows.

For a more adult baby is perfect loft bed. It combines a place to sleep and a roomy storage locker. Furniture for the nursery, above all, should be safe. All structural elements must be securely fastened.

When buying children's beds from solid pine, it is necessary to adopt the design features of the models. Particular attention should be paid to such parts as the base, frame, back, legs. The frame is the basis of the furniture. The service life of the structure depends on it. If the frame is reliable and quality, the wooden beds can last for a long period of time.

It is better to buy a bed from a reliable and trusted manufacturer. On this piece of furniture is not recommended to save.

Children's furniture from solid pine, oak, beech or birch, bunk beds, dressers and wood tables